Elly VTuber Face Reveal: Exploring the Personality Behind the Punk Rock CatGirl

Elly VTuber Face Reveal
Elly VTuber Face Reveal

Elly VTuber, a well-known independent YouTuber who streams on Twitch and creates music videos on YouTube, is famous for her punk rock style, lively personality, and love for jokes and games. But have you ever wondered who she is in real life? Let’s uncover the details about Elly’s face reveal and her background.

Elly VTuber Face Reveal

Elly decided to reveal her face to her fans on Twitter back in May 2021 when she hit 40,000 Twitch followers. In the photo, she wore a mask and a hoodie, and her blue hair perfectly matched her vtuber avatar’s colour. She expressed her gratitude, saying, “Thank you for 40,000 Twitch subscribers! I really love you all. As a thank-you gift, here’s a picture of me!”

Elly VTuber Face Reveal
Elly VTuber Face Reveal

Some fans dug deeper and found more pictures, including one where she cosplayed as her vtuber character. These pictures revealed that Elly is a young and pretty woman who closely resembles her online persona. Her fans showered her with compliments, praising her bravery, beauty, and talent while expressing their respect and admiration for her personality.

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Elly VTuber History

Elly, born on June 25, hails from a Korean family. She ventured into the world of vtubing in 2019 and has since gathered a massive following with over 400k fans on Twitch and more than 200k subscribers on YouTube who eagerly watch her content.

Her main platform is Twitch, where she spends most of her time streaming games like Apex Legends, Minecraft, Among Us, and more. Additionally, she maintains a YouTube channel where she shares highlights from her Twitch streams.

Elly is not just a gamer; she’s also a talented musician who creates her own songs and covers various tracks. She has released several songs, including hits like “Blue Sugar,” “Punk Rock Princess,” and “I’m Not Your Toy.”

Elly VTuber Face Reveal
Elly VTuber Face Reveal

Collaboration is a big part of her work, and she collaborates with other YouTubers and singers like Nyanners, Ironmouse, Silvervale, Snuffy, and Zentreya, among others. One of her most popular YouTube videos is a punk rock version of “Blue Sugar” by Ren Zotto, which has garnered over 2.7 million views.

Elly is a member of VShojo, a talent management company for YouTubers. In November 2020, she, along with six other YouTubers including Nyanners, Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, Silvervale, Froot, and Zentreya, joined the agency. VShojo aims to provide support, freedom, and foster collaboration among its talents while helping them build friendships within the industry.

Elly VTuber Personality

Elly is a fun and friendly YouTuber who enjoys chatting with her fans and making them laugh. During her streams, she often cracks jokes, shares memes, and speaks her mind openly. She’s known for her kindness and willingness to help fellow YouTubers and friends. Elly frequently collaborates with them and attends events together.

Elly’s passion for punk rock music is evident in her style. She often sports boots, fishnet stockings, leather jackets with spiked collars, and tattoos on her arms and legs, along with piercings on her ears and nose. She sings and plays the guitar, matching her strong voice.

Her online persona features blue hair, cat ears, and a cat’s tail. Her eyes shine brightly in the dark, and her sharp teeth give her a fierce appearance. She typically wears a red plaid skirt, black fishnet tights, black boots, and a studded black leather jacket adorned with patches. A bell-shaped collar and a guitar strap across her chest complete her distinctive look.


Elly, a popular YouTuber, revealed her face as a gesture of gratitude and trust towards her fans. She’s been open about her past and attitude, which has endeared her even more to her followers. Elly, the punk rock princess, dazzles in both the real and virtual realms with her talent and charm. If you are interested in reading out more celebrity face reveals and other details then you can join us on our Twitter account

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