Carrie James Murray Files Divorce From Husband Sean Murray!

Carrie James Murray Divorce
Carrie James Murray Divorce

Get ready to uncover some unexpected developments from the world of television drama as Carrie, the wife of NCIS star Sean Murray, files for divorce after 18 years of marriage. This surprising news has left fans and followers curious about the reasons behind this significant decision.

Join us as we delve into the details surrounding this high-profile breakup and explore the potential impact on both parties involved.

Carrie James Murray Files Divorce

After eighteen years of marriage, Carrie James Murray, the wife of Sean Murray, has filed for divorce.

They separated due to irreconcilable disagreements, according to court documents. The official date of the couple’s split, according to her, is March 18, 2024.

Carrie has asked the court to grant her spousal support and to have the NCIS star pay for her legal expenses. Additionally, she has requested joint legal custody of their minor children, River, 13, and Caitlyn, 16, as well as sole physical custody.

Whether the former couple had a prenuptial agreement in place was not mentioned in the papers. Carrie added that it is yet unknown what kind and how much of each of their properties are.

Before exchanging vows in November 2005, the pair dated for a year after first meeting in 2004 at a Halloween party. The couple then welcomed their son, River, in 2010 and their daughter, Caitlyn, in 2007.

Carrie James Murray Files Divorce
Carrie James Murray Files Divorce

Five months after commemorating their 18th wedding anniversary in November 2023, they announced their divorce.

Carrie commemorated their relationship milestone at the time by sharing a series of images on Instagram featuring the couple over the years. Both of them were seen grinning and blowing kisses, from graduations to their wedding day and beyond.

She wrote in the caption, “18 years of marriage and you still open the car door and pull out my chair. It’s true when they say, ‘It’s the little things that matter the most.'”

After joking that she “always gets to pick what we watch” and “always gets to be first,” Carrie continued, “After some consideration, I always get to be right, well in my mind anyway. 😜.”

“I adore us @therealseanhmurray. I’m grateful I attended that Halloween Party. 🧡,” she ended, mentioning that the initial photo in the carousel was the “earliest snapshot I could locate of us” during her 2004 graduate school commencement.

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