Who Is Brandon Boyd Wife And Does He Have A Daughter?

brandon boyd wife
brandon boyd wife

Brandon Boyd is an American musician, artist, and author. He is best known as the lead singer of the alternative rock band Incubus. His beautiful voice, unique style, and good looks have won him many female fans. Even though he’s in his late 40s, his fans, especially the women, still want to know about his personal life, especially whether he’s married.

So in this post, we will tell you whether Brandon Boyd is married or not, and we will look at his past relationship and his girlfriend (if there is any).

Does Brandon Boyd Have A Wife?

Even though he has been in many relationships, Boyd is not married. He has not publicly or secretly tied the knot with any of his girlfriends. If he decides to get married, it will make headlines because he has been linked to many famous and beautiful women.

brandon boyd wife
brandon boyd wife

Does Brandon Boyd Have A Girlfriend?

Like most famous people, Boyd keeps his private life a secret. But Boyd is interested in Sarah Hay, who is a well-known actor. It looks like the two of them have a deep link, which could mean they are dating.

Even though they weren’t in any public photos together, Hay shared a picture of herself on March 10, 2020, in which she was partly naked and tagged Boyd. This made it seem like they were close at the time. On her Instagram account, the post is still there (but she might delete it later).

You can see her post the picture below:

It’s not clear, though, if the singer and Hay will still be together in 2023. Fans are confused because she wrote about Boyd missing, but then she deleted the post, leaving fans unsure of what’s happening. The post could signify that the two are no longer together, but we need more details.

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What Are Some Past Relationships Of Brandon Boyd?

Boyd’s engagement with famous model Carolyn Murphy was among his most famous and long-lasting ones. From 2002 to 2006, the pair was together and even lived together. But In 2006, they had a rough time in their relationship. Polevshchika ( A Twitter user ) posted a picture of them when they were spotted together.

Check out their Picture below:

As the singer’s work grew, he had to go on trips. This made his girlfriend feel lonely, leading to their relationship’s end. Boyd dạted American actress Baelyn Neff and English actress Jo Bourne-Taylor in addition to dating Murphy. No one knows why Boyd and Neff broke up, but the fact that they are six years apart in age may have played a role.

Does Brandon Boyd Have A Daughter?

Boyd doesn’t have a girl child. But the reports that he had a daughter may have started when he began dating Carolyn Murphy. The model and her ex-husband Jake Schroeder have a daughter named Dylan Blue. Boyd and Murphy lived together and raised Blue while they were dating. Many pictures were taken of them together, especially on holidays, when they looked like a happy family.

brandon boyd wife

Blue has grown up to be a beautiful young woman with some of her mother’s traits. Since she was 13, she has had many offers from high-end brands to become a model. Still, her mother says she doesn’t seem interested in working in the show business.

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