Big Scarr Cause Of Death: How Did Big Scarr Die?

big scarr cause of death

Alexander Woods, better known by his stage name Big Scarr, was an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. After he died, his fans wanted to know what his cause of death was. This article will tell you what happened to him. Let’s find out.

Big Scarr, an American rapper, died at the age of 22. On Thursday, the news spread like wildfire, and many artists talked about his death on social media.

Scarr had already said on social media that his Key Glock Glockoma tour tickets were on sale. The tour was supposed to happen next year, from March to April.

The up-and-coming rapper, who was also known as Alexander Woods, already had a lot of fans. When they heard the shocking news, fans took to social media to talk about it.

One of the artists who confirmed the news was Enchanting, who posted about her sadness on Instagram.

“Ion wants to talk. She wrote, “Sorry If I Don’t Answer.”

“I can’t do it.” My baby, my best friend, my son, I’m so sorry, and I’ll always love you.

“I’ll do anything to be able to hug you again.”

What Was Big Scarr’s Cause Of Death?

Gucci Mane, a rapper, has confirmed that 22-year-old rapper Big Scarr, who was signed to Gucci’s label, has died. Gucci confirmed the news in an Instagram post on December 22. He wrote, “This hurts—I’m going to miss you, @BigScarr,” and included a number of pictures of the late rapper.

After the news broke that the rapper Make A Play had died, several people on the Internet thought that the rapper had died from taking too much of the painkiller Percocet. Several social media sites, like the Twitter page @gotcitytea, said that the singer had died from taking too much of the pill. They wrote this in the tweet:

“Big Scarr overdosed on percs in front of his girlfriend.” 

Big Scarr almost died in 2020 when he was shot in the hip and the bullet went all the way through to his spine. Reporting in Revolt says that Big Scarr’s internal injuries were so bad that doctors had to remove his appendix and realign his right leg because of the shooting.

Big Scarr, whose real name is Alexander Woods, was also in a car accident that almost killed him when he was 16 and was thrown through the windscreen of a friend’s car.

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