Hacked verified Twitter accounts continue to spam Elon Musk

Hacked verified Twitter accounts continue to spam Elon Musk

Elon Musk continues to get spam from hacked verified accounts and non-verified accounts providing links to cryptocurrency scams despite criticizing Twitter for its apparent lack of interest in taking action against the bots.

Elon Musk’s Twitter account was being massively flooded by cryptocurrency fraud accounts in a bot-like way when he was updating followers on Tesla’s most recent FSD Beta version. Some of these accounts are hacked verified Twitter accounts, but the majority of them are merely bots.

Five days ago, Elon contrasted Twitter’s attempts to remove spam and bots with its efforts to send out subpoenas. Critics claim that Elon is trying to back out of the Twitter deal for a variety of unrelated reasons, but he has consistently stated this to be the case. In my perspective, Twitter doesn’t care that it has a bot problem.

The following screenshot was submitted by Twitter user @cb doge, who made note that advertisers are paying for bots to run advertisements while Twitter seems unwilling to address the issue. In comparison to Facebook’s $0.59 cost per million, SingleGrain estimates that Twitter’s average cost per million is roughly $3.50.

It claimed that Facebook required more expenditure to achieve the same level of interaction and click-through rate as Twitter. The problem is that if click-through rates are being calculated by bots who are accessing websites from Twitter adverts, this is not a good thing. In reality, it’s a waste of money.

More than 80% of Twitter accounts, in the view of former FBI special agent and current Global Head of Intelligence at F5, Dan Woods For advertising, especially for small firms, is not good.

Advertisers want to reach their intended audience. The purpose of advertising is to achieve this. When I put an advertisement for my jewelry, I don’t want to pay for bots to click on the link. Bots won’t make a purchase from me.

My belief is that, especially if the social network is overrun with bots, you have a better chance of receiving more exposure for your website on TikTok than by purchasing advertisements. In terms of advertising, I personally choose TikTok over Facebook and Instagram and have never used Twitter.

Twitter may not want to address the bot and spam problem because it depends on advertising revenue. Although it’s only my theory, that assertion makes sense. By addressing the bot and cryptocurrency scam issues, Twitter could simply disprove my assertion. That would make me content.

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