Corey Bohan, An Ex-girlfriend Of Audrina Patridge, Said She Had An Affair With A ‘DWTS’ Partner

Corey Bohan, An Ex-girlfriend Of Audrina Patridge, Said She Had An Affair With A 'DWTS' Partner

AceShowbiz – In her latest book, Audrina Patridge discusses her difficult romance with Corey Bohan. The reality TV contestant said that her ex had accused her of having an affair with married professional dancer Tony Dovolani, who was her partner on season 11 of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Audrina writes in, insisting that Corey’s charges are completely false “To the Hills and Back”, “Tony is a happily married man with three lovely children. He is a true family man, end of the story.” She says, “There wasn’t even a hint of anything inappropriate! But he wouldn’t let it go.”

According to a former cast member of “The Hills,” “Corey” would make crude, derogatory remarks about Tony and what he was so certain was happening every single day. She continues, “Corey accused me of making the dances too sexy and inappropriate as if I had control over the steps of the tango.”

Corey was “constantly in [her] face” when she got back from “DWTS” rehearsals or tapings, hinting that her relationship with Tony had changed from being strictly business to “something s*xual.” Behind closed doors, Corey is said to have let loose on Audrina, but in public, Corey would pretend to be a loving partner.

She says, “He seemed so loving and happy of me in front of the cameras and the other dancers, then blew out and screamed at me once we got home,” adding that by the end of her stint on the dance show, she was “beginning to break down.”

However, that wasn’t the worst thing Audrina supposedly went through while dating Corey. She also alleges in a book extract that the former BMX competitor cheated on her and was violent toward her.

She writes, “I knew he’d been cheating on me with random girls for years,”

It really didn’t matter what Corey did as long as it didn’t directly affect me or, more importantly, [our daughter] Kirra, she says, because she was so concerned with just getting by day to day. Her biggest concern, however, was when Corey allegedly touched her.

The 40-year-old says, “He went closer and closer, his physique altering as he got stronger.” ” His eyes grew larger and more intense, his shoulders straightened, and his chest expanded. The restroom seemed to be closing in on me. I didn’t wait for his reply, I just concentrated on getting Kirra out of here.

She was simply curled up in my arms, her eyes wide and silently glancing between us. I tried to keep as cool as I could because I didn’t want to risk upsetting her. He sped by me and arrived at the bedroom door before I could, slamming it shut to prevent us from leaving.”

He squared his shoulders and widened his gaze, and she continues, “I could feel my heartbeat in my ears and a shudder went down my spine. “I begged you to allow me to drop Kirra off. I don’t want her to see this, so I’ll return immediately away. I wasn’t even trying to argue now because I knew one was going to happen. All I wanted was to keep Kirra out of it.”

She continues by telling, “My wallet, my laptop, my toiletries, and everything else were thrown across the room by Corey after he took the daypack I had been packing. I took a tiny step in the direction of the door, and he followed suit. Then, with a hand on each shoulder, he shoved me back. Kirra is in my arms. I stumbled backward and briefly gasped for air due to the shock. So that Kirra wouldn’t fall, I tightly embraced her in my arms.”

Because Kirra was present during the incident when he pushed me, Audrina claims she made an effort to keep the situation hidden from the public out of embarrassment and sadness. However, “As she puts it, “I felt shattered to my core after years of deception and emotional abuse, and the thought of facing photographers and the public’s inevitable curiosity just made the process seem ten times worse. But I was ultimately compelled to call it quits and dissolve my marriage.”

After less than a year of marriage, Audrina finally filed for divorce from Corey in September 2017. In December 2018, their divorce was legally formalized.

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