Things to Keep in Mind Before Driving in the UK

Whether leisurely or as a part of the job, driving requires real skills, knowledge, and understanding of the road atmosphere. Some specific requirements and restrictions need to be check listed before a person begins to drive in the UK.

Minimum age required

A person minimum of 17 can obtain a driving license, 16, if you have a provisional license and a known driver.

If someone is not a resident of the UK and is residing temporarily, the person should be at least 17 and have a complete driving license.

Follow the road rules.

You need to be observant of specific implications, such as:

  • Left-hand driving.
  • Consider all the road signs and speed restrictions.
  • Driving is strictly prohibited if you are crossing the legal blood alcohol boundaries.
  • You must halt at all the STOP signs and red lights.
  • Everyone in the vehicle must wear a seatbelt

Speed limit

There are numerous signs on the road; the speed limit signs are the ones that are circular and have a number in them surrounded by a red circle. You have to set your speed according to the number.

Signs that have a white circle and a black diagonal through it are the ones that indicate that all the prior speed implications have ended. You can return to the normal speed limit- 60 mph on normal roads and 70 mph on motorways or dual carriageways.

Drive Legally

You must have a legal driving license and be of the required age. Getting a driving license requires passing a driving theory test and a practical test. Mobile phone usage is strictly prohibited while driving.

The driving theory test consists of multiple-choice questions and the hazard perception test. You need to solve fifty multiple-choice questions, out of which you must score at least 43 to pass the test.

The hazard perception test has fourteen videos with 1 hazard each. One of the videos, however, has 2 hazards you need to look out for and click your mouse accordingly. The minimum passing score for the HPT test is 44 out of 75.

Use a seatbelt

Seat belt usage is strictly important. Everyone inside the vehicle must have their seatbelts on them, which also means there must be people in accordance with the number of seatbelts. For example, if two seatbelts are in the back, there is room for only two passengers.

The theory test pass lasts only 2 years.

Once you have passed your theory test, you must pass your practical test within 2 years’ time because the theory test is valid for 2 years only. If you miss the chance, you must take your theory test again.


Driving in the UK will no longer be a difficult task for you once you are familiar with the above-mentioned guides. With the right driving instructions, driving will be easy for you.

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