Spoilers Alert! Who Killed Nefertari Cobra In One Piece Chapter 1085?

Who Killed Nefertari Cobra In One Piece Chapter 1085
Who Killed Nefertari Cobra In One Piece Chapter 1085

Attention, One Piece fans! Brace yourselves for the ultimate thrill as we dive into the world of spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1085. Get ready to embark on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, as the Straw Hat Pirates unleash their true potential and face off against formidable foes.

With new alliances forming and unexpected twists lurking around every corner, this chapter promises to be a game-changer. Oda’s masterful storytelling reaches new heights as the plot thickens, leaving us hanging on the edge of our seats. Get ready for an epic chapter that will leave you yearning for more. Spoiler alert: this is not one to be missed!

Who Killed Nefertari Cobra In One Piece Chapter 1085?

Who Killed Nefertari Cobra In One Piece Chapter 1085?
Who Killed Nefertari Cobra In One Piece Chapter 1085?

Spoiler Alert!

Little summary of the chapter thanks to Redon

Chapter 1,085: “The Death of Nefertari Cobra”.

Reader request in the cover: Franky is leading some baby sea turtles to the sea.

Chapter starts where last one ended. Imu talks to Cobra.

Imu :“I have two things to tell you and one question to ask, Cobra.”

Cobra is shocked, he thinks to himself that what he’s seeing is impossible.

Imu speaks in the third person, he calls himself “Mu”.

Cobra“Imu… I know that name!! It may be a coincidence, but among the “first 20″…


You won’t get any answer even if you ask, though I can tell you a few things…

First, “D” are the people who were “our” enemy in the past.

Although the recent “Ds” have no idea about the meaning of their names. The scholars who try to find the truth about Void Century, the pirates who try to find the Poneglyphs… All these are Lily’s fault.

If she didn’t make a “mistake” on that day, the Poneglyphs wouldn’t be spreaded throughout the world.

However, there is one scenario that | suspected… That maybe the Poneglyphs were not spread throughout the world by “mistake”, but by a deliberate “plan”.

As Imu speaks, Five Elders draw their guns and points Cobra. Cobra thinks to himself he won’t get out of the room alive.

Imu“I believe the answer lies in the letter left by Lily. You called her “Queen Lily of Nefertari family”… But what is the actual name of the sender written in the letter?”

Cobra asks what his fate will be, one of the Five Elders answers his fate was decided the moment he saw Imu-sama.

Then Cobra starts to talk.

Cobra“Queen Lily real name was “Nefertari D. Lily”…”


When Imu hears “D” in Lily’s name, a black shadow arrow appears and stabs Cobra’s abdomen (but it seems it’s not from Imu).

Sabo, who has been hiding behind a pillar, appears and shoots fire at Imu.

However, Imu tranforms into a huge creature with a huge mouth and sharp teeth (we can’t see him clearly, only the silhouette). Then Imu bites and swallows Sabo’s fire.

Imu climbs down the throne while Five Elders transform into big creatures while they surround Sabo and Cobra.

We can’t see them clearly, only their silhouettes.

  • One of them looks like bird (similar to Morgans).

  • Other one looks like an elephant/boar.

  • Other looks like a demon/oni (he has big horns).

  • It seems one of them has clouds floating around his neck, like Luffy or Lucci in awakened form (this is not 100% sure, because we only see his silhouette).

  • Last one is just a big silhouette (I can’t describe him better).

Sabo grabs Cobra and tries to escape from the throne room. Imu tries to catch them. Cobra talks with Sabo.

Cobra“Please, tell Vivi and Luffy this: ““We” all are “D” as well”.”

A little flashback to Sabo’s childhood starts.

Sabo comments that it’s strange how both Ace and Luffy have “D” in their names. Ace replies him.

Ace“I can give it to you too Sabo! 1 will call you “Sa D. Bo™!!”

Back to the present, we can see that Sabo and Cobra are both stabbed. Cobra starts to recite Lily’s letter.

Cobra“Protect the Poneglyph…”

Then we can’t hear the next parts, because one of the Five Elder’s roar (in creature form) covers Cobra’s voice.

But we can hear last part of Lily’s letter.

Cobra“…Raise the flag of dawn to the world.” Cobra stands and blocks Imu attack to let Sabo escape.


Then the scene cut to a few seconds later. We see Cobra on the floor, he’s dead.

Wapol sees all what is happening through a hole in the wall. Imu notices Wapol is spying them. Wapol goes into panic and starts to eat through the walls to run away.

Wapol“I shouldn’t have seen this!!!”

After that, Reverie meeting room receives a message saying King Cobra and King Wapol won’t be joining the meeting anymore.

In other room we can see Vivi has been captured by CPO. In the room are Lucci, Jabra, Kalifa and the other CPO members we saw in last chapters. Jabra and Kalifa got their introduction panels as Cipher Pol “Aigis” 0 members.

Jabra recaps other things that are happening in Mary Geoise right away. After the incident against Saint Charlos, Leo and Sai announced they’re pirates under Straw Haw crew flag.

On the other side, it seems Fujitora allows slaves to escape and Ryokugyu yelled at him.

Suddenly, Wapol breaks into the room where Vivi and CPO are while he was escaping from the throne room.

That distracts CPO, so Vivi takes advantage of the situation and grabs on Wapol to escape.

Chapter ends with Vivi and Wapol running away while Wapol’s wife sees them together. She is shocked…

Vivi“Where are you going Wapol!?”

Wapol“I will run to the end of the world, where nobody can find me!!”

Vivi“Take me with you!!”

Kinderella“They are running away together!!?”


One piece will have an egghead island theme based color spread next week!