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The Biden Administration wants to make it easier for people to obtain unemployment insurance.

A novel proposal will be tested by the Biden administration as a result of a Congress that is hesitant to overhaul the state-federal unemployment insurance system. The administration will hire personnel to assist workers in dealing with the present lousy system.

Taking advantage of research showing that higher-educated workers and members of labor unions are much more likely to apply for and receive benefits, a new pilot program will assist with the most basic task: completing applications for unemployment insurance, which proved to be a nightmare for millions of Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.



Michelle Evermore of the United States Department of Labor stated in an interview that people with previous immigration expertise move through the process more quickly, answer questions correctly, and cope with the obstacles. “However, folks who had never been through it before found themselves in a bind.”

Ms. Evermore works as a policy director for the Labor Department’s newly formed Office of Unemployment Insurance Modernization, which announced in August that it would use $2 billion in funding from the American Rescue Plan to assist state workforce agencies in modernizing their information systems, combating fraud, and increasing access to benefits.

As part of the broader effort, the Department of Labor will award grants totaling $15 million to five states that want to experiment with new “UI Navigator” partnerships with labor unions or community organizations that have experience assisting workers in the application process for unemployment compensation.

“Navigators” have long been employed by the federal government to aid in the application process for health insurance subsidies; last year, the Small Business Administration launched a navigator program to assist firms in underserved neighborhoods.

It is true that the Labor Department’s new award is small, but it speaks a great deal about the state-federal unemployment system, which is controlled by the federal government but handled in 53 various ways by states and territories around the country.

Many people still rely on obsolete computer systems that were nearly brought down by an extraordinary influx of claims at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, when the virus was first discovered.

Workers complained of having to wait months for benefits, while sophisticated fraudsters took advantage of the obsolete information technology systems to steal billions of dollars from the government.

Individuals who provided helpful advice on how to deal with a labor agency, such as Vanessa Brito in Florida and Sabrina Hogan in Georgia, were hailed as heroes on the internet in certain areas, where even filing for benefits was difficult task.

She has helped more than 12,000 Georgians file unemployment claims and deal with calls from the Georgia Department of Labor, according to Hogan, a 54-year-old former Uber driver who spoke with HuffPost. She continues to receive approximately two requests for assistance per day.

“I believe it is my civic obligation at this point, and I will assist anyone who seeks my assistance,” Hogan explained.

Democrats in Congress would like to see a more standard unemployment system across the country, one that would prevent Republican state legislators from reducing benefits, as they have done over the previous decade, from state to state.

While Democrats considered incorporating unemployment insurance reform in their domestic policy agenda last year, they ultimately decided against it.

Instead, the Biden administration would work to reform the system on the margins, according to the President. It is more than just about enhancing customer service and making people happy when it comes to assisting laid-off workers in applying for benefits.

It all comes down to macroeconomic policy — reversing a long-term fall in the percentage of unemployed workers receiving unemployment benefits and strengthening worker power, to name a few objectives.

One of the goals of unemployment insurance, which has been in place since 1935, is to prevent wage erosion by providing people with a reservation wage. This allows them to avoid taking the first job that comes along, even if it is a significant cut from the employment they were previously in, according to Evermore.

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