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Tesla has confirmed that it will host what is expected to be the largest barbecue in Texas history.

When it comes to Texas, they say everything is bigger, and that is certainly true when it comes to Tesla’s relationship with the state.

Not only does Tesla already have a massive, yet unfinished, Gigafactory located southeast of downtown Austin that corresponds to the narrative’s famous phrase, but the automaker also confirmed last night that it would host a “Giga Fest” event at the new facility on April 7 in conjunction with the event.


In true Tesla form, where everything is above and beyond, it is possible that the event could accidentally be the largest BBQ in the history of the state of Texas, which will be staged to commemorate one of the company’s most significant achievements to date.

Tesla organized a fair-like event at its Gigafactory Berlin facility to commemorate the company’s achievements. There will be some differences between the event in Texas and that hosted by Tesla in Germany last year, but there will be certain twists that will be sure to pay homage to the State of Texas and its residents.

The event will take place on April 7, according to a tweet sent out by Musk last night. Previously, Musk had stated that the event will take place on April 1. Musk, who enjoys a good joke, may have noticed it was April Fools’ Day on that particular day and decided to move the Giga Texas event six days later to minimize any potential mistake.


In October, Musk intimated that Tesla would host a massive BBQ for fans, enthusiasts, and owners, which would be the largest gathering of Tesla owners in history, possibly the largest in history. Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated in December that the event will take place, but that it would not take place until early 2022.

Tesla will offer tours of its facilities to members of the local community. For local people, the Gigafactory Berlin event included a tour of the facility’s interior, which provided them with some unique and exciting glimpses into the facility’s workings. Tesla’s new vehicle colors, as well as Model Y units made in Berlin, were on exhibit for members of the public to inspect.


Because of restrictions imposed by the German government as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, attendance at the Berlin event was limited to 5,000 persons. Although it is possible that this will occur in Texas, the state has been more flexible with mask rules and other regulations.

However, at this time, there is no indication as to how many people will be permitted to attend the event.


If and when it is completed, Gigafactory Texas will rank among Tesla’s most significant accomplishments. While Tesla waits for “final certification” of the Austin-built Model Y before beginning deliveries, huge advancements are already emanating from the plant’s production facilities.

Earlier this week, Tesla revealed that its new 4680 and structural battery packs will be featured in all-new Model Y cars that are shipped from the factory, bringing a new battery and vehicle architecture to the market for the first time.

Both advancements were announced during Tesla’s Battery Day in late 2020, and they have the potential to be among the most significant in the automaker’s history.


The first deliveries are expected to take place soon. Vehicle trailers loaded with Tesla Model Y units from the Texas facility were observed earlier this week, giving the idea that the first 4680 and structural battery pack Model Y units will be delivered to first customers over the next few days or weeks.

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