In Texas, gas prices are 35% higher than they were a year ago, as crude oil hits $100 a barrel.

Oil prices have risen to their highest level since 2014 as a result of recent developments in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The average price of a gallon of normal unleaded gasoline in Texas is $3.21, according to AAA Texas.

A weekly increase in the average Texas gas price has been avoided for the first time in six weeks. But the price of gas in Texas has risen 35% from this time last year, making it the most expensive period for Texans to fill up their tanks in almost seven years.

Despite a brief pause in pump prices, “don’t anticipate the slowdown to become a trend as crude oil prices continue to rise amid geopolitical and supply chain difficulties,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster.

While gas prices in Texas are up 35% from a year ago, AAA Texas cautions motorists that buying premium fuel isn’t necessary unless your car demands it.

According to, drivers in Texas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma are paying the second-lowest average gas price in the country.

AAA’s fuel-saving advice includes the following:

  • Driving too fast might be dangerous, so slow down. Aerodynamic drag increases with increasing speed.
  • Don’t get off to a “jackrabbit” start or accelerate too quickly. Fuel usage is strongly impacted by these behaviors.
  • On the highway, use the cruise control to keep your speed consistent and save gas. On slick roads, however, cruise control should never be used due to the risk of losing control of the car.
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend in your air-conditioning unit.
  • Even in the coldest weather, avoid prolonged idling to warm up the engine. It’s a waste of time and money.
  • Use the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle.
  • Make certain that your tires are well-maintained and properly inflated.
  • Make sure to “time” the traffic lights when driving around town. This decreases the amount of time spent braking and accelerating, which wastes fuel.
  • You should take your foot off the throttle early while approaching a red light or stop sign so that your automobile can drift down to a lower speed until it is time to brake.
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