An Austin police officer has been charged with misbehavior in the line of duty. That could actually be beneficial to his Texas House campaign.

According to the candidate’s campaign finance report filed on January 31, Troxclair had the financial advantage coming into the final stretch of the primary. She had more than $412,000 in cash on hand at the beginning of the month.

More than $36,000 was accumulated by Berry, Devine had almost $23,000, and Hopkins was in last place with nearly $2,300.



Pam Baggett, the Democratic candidate who will face off against the Republican nominee in November, stated that there is not enough information to tell whether Berry was engaged.

“We’ll have to wait and see exactly what the charge is,” says the investigator. As of today, we don’t know,” Baggett added.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas executive director Charley Wilkison said the timing of the indictment was intended to increase voter turnout for “anti-police candidates” ahead of the March 1 primary election, which is less than two weeks away.

Berry has already received the endorsement of the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas.

The legal process against Berry and the other 18 police officers might last months or perhaps years, depending on the circumstances. According to Mackowiak, this generates confusion among voters and has the potential to divert Berry’s attention away from the campaign.

The scheduling of the indictment proceedings against Berry, according to Mackowiak, the Travis County Republican Party chair, was uncommon.

Candidate indictments days before an election, according to Mackowiak, are rare occurrences. “In fact, law enforcement, whether federal, state, or local, goes to great lengths to avoid identifying politicians during election season because they want to seem apolitical,” says the author of the book.

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