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After a coyote snatches a Chihuahua from its backyard and flees, the dog survives.

It took a Texas woman by surprise when she discovered her beloved chihuahua had been taken by a coyote from her suburban backyard and had returned under its own power only a few minutes later, bleeding and battered but still alive.

Zoey Ward of Cibolo, Texas, was enjoying a sunny morning outside with her dogs, Mimi, a chihuahua, and Joey, a beagle, when she heard a noise. She went outside to investigate and found the ruckus to be a burglary.


KSAT News said that Ward was “outside on the patio reading a book and drinking coffee because it was a beautiful day.” Ward said. “Then I heard a series of yelps, and Mimi was no longer there.”

One of Ward’s next-door neighbors had noticed the coyote nosing around in a green belt behind their property and had even recorded video of the animal in action. They called her attention to the fact that a coyote was nearby.

The predator, whom Ward characterized as “very bold,” was visible through her fence when Ward looked over it. Mimi, however, was nowhere to be found when Ward looked over her fence. Her account of the encounter was published by McClatchy News. “The coyote was looking at me, and I was looking at it.” “It was a very magnificent beast.”

Mimi was yelping in the distance and Ward was concerned for her well-being and that of the dog. Mimi, on the other hand, resurfaced a few minutes later, sprinting for the fence.

Several neighbors assisted in getting the dog back into the yard, and Ward transported her to an emergency veterinarian. According to photos on Ward’s Facebook page, the dog suffered many puncture wounds, but no severe internal damage was sustained, and the canine is anticipated to make a full recovery.

“Her X-rays came back in good condition!” Ward expressed himself through a Facebook post. “Apparently she is a biter!” says the narrator.

Ward believes that a coyote entered her yard through a small gap in her fence and took Mimi away with him. The greater question is how Mimi was able to find her way back.

She was 7 years old at the time, Ward characterized her dog as “feisty” and not hesitant to use its fangs. “I’m honestly not sure how she got away,” Ward said of her dog. The coyote may have dropped her because she bit him, or perhaps the ruckus scared him away and he dropped her.”

Local animal control officials speculated that the coyote may have been defending its territory rather than attempting to devour the dog, given that February is right in the heart of coyote breeding season in Texas.

Mimi, without a doubt, was unaware of the disparity. Ward, on the other hand, is using the exposure generated by Mimi’s escape to warn people about the dangers that coyotes pose to their animals. “Little Mimi is a fighter,” she said in a post on her Facebook page. “We consider ourselves extremely fortunate and blessed that she survived.”

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