Why 'Mental Age Test' is Trending on Tiktok?

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Written by Lisa 10 July, 2022

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People all across the world are taking the "Mental Age" quiz on TikTok and posting their answers. But what exactly is it, and how can you administer it to yourself?





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What is the Mental Age Quiz on TikTok?



The quiz itself consists of a series of questions on a wide variety of subjects, and it promises to reveal your "mental age" on the basis of your answers.

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When Metal Age Test Was First Created?

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The developer reportedly first introduced the mental age test in November 2013 on their personal website after hearing about it from a friend in Japan.

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It has been translated into 32 other languages since its 2014 publication on arealme.com.


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According to data compiled by Google Analytics, approximately 27,292,000 individuals from over 156 different nations have participated in the survey.


Is Mental Age Test Trending on TikTok Real?

The phrase "mental age" was initially defined by French psychologist Alfred Binet.

The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales were developed as a result of the earlier version's revisions.

The first American psychologist to use Binet's test was Henry Herbert Goddard.


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