Meghan Markle Net Worth

According to the BBC, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, would also not be present because she was taking care of her three children at Windsor 

In the latter few months of 2021, Markle’s attorney, Jenny Afia, refuted the charges that Markle had mistreated Kensington Palace staff members 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Markle and Prince Harry have a combined net worth of $60 million despite numerous issues 

Additionally, they agreed to an $18 million arrangement with Spotify to diversify their creative activities into hosting and producing podcasts 

According to reports, it cost Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan a staggering $25 million to get an exclusive Spotify arrangement for their Archewell Audio podcast network. 

It has been estimated that Meghan and Harry’s Netflix contract is worth $150 million 

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