Is Melinda Gates' Dating Anyone?

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Written by Hikaru

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Who Melinda French Gates is seeing now is a total mystery.

After years of seclusion, she addressed the public about her split from Bill Gates in 2021.

Gates initially discussed her divorce with CBS Mornings on Thursday.

She admitted that it was something vague and that she could no longer rely on the details they had previously provided.


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Who's Melinda French Gates’ New Boyfriend



Melinda French Gates is keeping her new boyfriend's name under wraps for the time being.

Meanwhile, when working together on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates have developed a new routine for their collaboration.


Bill Gates Affair with Stefanie Reichel

Bill Gates Affair with Stefanie Reichel

Melinda French Gates was asked about Bill Gates' affair with Stefanie Reichel in an exclusive interview with CBS Mornings.

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A favorable response came back from her.

A spokesman reportedly confirmed Bill's romance with the employee 20 years ago, as reported by People.

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