You Season 4: Is Peach Returning Back From Death? Theory Suggests So!


The third season of the Netflix hit “You” was released in October, and the streaming service officially confirmed at the same time that there would also be a season 4 of “You.” So the story of serial killer Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley ) continues. Now there is a firm fan theory in circulation that is supposed to prophesy the return of the dead Peach Salinger! But is that possible? 

Will Peach Take Revenge On Joe?

There is not yet a release date for “You” Season 4, but it is expected that the new season will go about in a year online. To explain the fan theory, we have to detour the past slightly. In the three seasons of the Netflix series so far, stalker Joe has already killed one or the other person. In season 1, he messed with Peach Salinger (Shay Mitchell) a lot. She was the best friend of Joe’s Crush Guinevere Beck and a constant thorn in his side. He only wanted Beck to himself, so he killed Peach. At least that’s what you thought.

A fan theory that is circulating now suggests that Peach never died! The series never showed its death scene. Also, Raj (Gerrard Lobo), a medical student, was in the house with Peach that night. He might have helped her if Joe had done something to her. In addition, at the beginning of season 1, Peach planned to move to Paris, where Joe ended up at the end of season three. These could all be indications that Peach is still alive and that the two meet in Paris. 

It would be possible, after all, Joe is not always successful with his murder attempts. Ex-girlfriend Candace was also able to survive his first attack and came back as a surprise. Will Patchwork with the police and put Joe behind bars? Or is she going to vigilante justice and kill Joe with her own hands? This fan theory is exciting. Let’s see if and how the whole thing is implemented. 

You Season 4: When Will It Release?

After the humongous Season 3 that premiered back in October 2021, the fans of the drama are waiting for the release date of its fourth season. 

As per the reports around the internet, You Season 4 may release at the end of 2022 at most. However, we are still waiting for its official release date announcement.


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