Why Her Season 2 Isn’t Happening. Here’s Why?

Why her korean drama concluded its first season this week. It ended by breaking all nationwide and seoul viewership record for the weekend as the numbers stand at 10.7% and 11.4 respectively.

Throughout the release of 16 episodes over the period of last 2 months, Why Her Kdrama has enjoyed the comfortable ratings of 8.2% and 8.6%. Besides, the show has already scored 8.6 out of 10 on IMDB.

Although Why her kdrama has ended, Kdrama fans are wondering – Will there be Why Her Season 2?

Well, with this post, I’ll answer the offical response along with the real possibilities of Why her season 2 release.

Let’s get started:

Will There Be Second Season of Why Her?

Well, the way Why her season 1 ended, it looks like it’ll be a standalone season.

(Spoilers Alert!!!)

Why her Kdrama ended with soo-jae proving crimes commited by Chairmen Choi. However, before Chairman could get punished, he commited suicide by taking pills.

In the final scene, we saw a happy ending as:

  • Soo-jae and Gong Chan ended up together.
  • Soo-jae started her own firm and coontinued teaching at the law school.

After this type of happy ending, it’s really hard to say whether there’ll be a Why her Season 2 or not.

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Official Statement on Why Her Season 2

SBS TV, the original network behind the Why Her KDrama hasn’t made any official comment on  a possible release of Why Her Season 2. So, as soon as there’s an official statement, I’ll update you right away.

Where Can You Watch Why her Season 1?

Korean viewers can watch Why her season 1 on SBS.

Whereas, the series will be broadcast on both Viki and Viu, making it available to audiences throughout the world. Viki is great if you require accurate English subtitles for the complete season right away.

But as always, the distribution of particular series can be restricted to some regions, so if you can’t watch the series on your Viki or Viu account, I recommend using a virtual private network (VPN).

Can I Watch Why Her Season 1 on HBO Max?

As of now, the first season is exclusively available on Viki and Viu and there’s no official announcement on HBO buying the rights of streaming this KDrama on their streaming platform.

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