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The Witcher Season 2: Is Ciri Geralt’s Daughter?

The end of season 1 of “The Witcher” was fascinating. We finally find out how the story of the witcher Geralt continues. After a long wait, the time has come today. On December 17th, the second season of “The Witcher” is available to stream on Netflix.

“The Witcher” Season 2: Is She His Daughter?

Fans have been waiting for a sequel to the fantasy series for almost two years. Due to the corona pandemic, many series have been postponed repeatedly, but that is changing now, and we are finally finding out how “The Witcher” continues. There are many exciting facts about the white wolf Geralt of Rivia, but one of them is of particular interest to the fan base: Is Ciri Geralt’s daughter?

Ciri and Geralt Have A Special Connection

At the end of the first season, the paths of Princess Ciri and the Witcher Geralt von Rivia meet. Ciri’s aunt calls him again and again “Ciris fate.” But why? Because of the law of surprise, Ciri’s life is tied to the Witcher even before she was born. But what is the law of surprise? This is an ancient custom that says that someone who has been saved by someone else must give them something of great value. Something that he does not (initially) know about. 

Ciri’s father owed his life to Geralt. Since Duny (Ciri’s father) did not know at the time that his wife was pregnant with Ciri (and that only came to light later), Ciri became Geralt’s adoptive father. Geralt, however, never “claimed” Ciri and let her grow up with her aunt and uncle. That changed, however, when war broke out, and the Nilfgaard Empire was invaded and conquered by enemies. Even if Ciri is not the biological daughter of Geralt of Rivia, the two have a strong bond, and he will do everything to protect her. 

The Witcher Season 2: Is It Worth?

So here comes the next question, should you watch the second season of The Witcher? In a word, definitely YES. Unlike its first season, the second season of the fantasy series starring Henry Cavill holds a strong position. With every episode passing by, the show expands the nature of its storyline. The second season follows two storylines, the first one about Geralt and Ciri and the second Yennefer. The second season opens just after the Battle of Sodden Hill. Everything else is there for you to explore. The Witcher Season 2, therefore, is a must-watch.

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