The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2: Is It Renewed? What Is Known? Release Date Status Updates


The anime is based on a series of light novels of the same name, created by the author Nigoju. The new collection attracted the interest of fans of the genre back in 2019. The light novel was soon converted to manga and published in a monthly Japanese comic magazine. The first season of the anime premiered in July 2021, and since its end in September 2021, fans are looking forward to the updates regarding its second season. Here’s everything we know about The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2.

The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2: Do We Have A Release Date?

The new adventure anime received modest ratings from critics, and now the creators are thinking about a renewal. Presumably, the release date of The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 is not revealed so far but as expected the show will return sometime in July 2023. At the moment, the fans hope to hear the official announcement of the second season of the anime from the creators.

The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2: What Is The Plot?

Readers were waiting for the adaptation of the work with great impatience, but they were even more excited by the news about the release of The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2. This means that a new exciting season about the main character is just around the corner. Despite the harsh (and very sad) plot twist in the first season, the audience is ready for another exciting event.

Once a clumsy and timid guy named Kimihiko Kimizuka met a blond girl. From that moment, the collaboration between the corporate loser and the legendary detective Siesta began. The girl was able to discern the potential in the guy, so she made him her partner. Soon, sad events happened, and Kimihiko was left alone. He despaired and decided to abandon his hobby, but fate led the young man to a new confusing business, which he could not refuse.

Many critics who read the first part of the show were upset by the unexpected plot twist. On the other hand, viewers gave the project an average rating, giving rise to speculation about whether The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 will ever return. The show’s solid ratings have shaped the future of anime.

Many critics noted the insufficiently high-quality action of the anime, but they praised the interesting and catchy plot. However, the question regarding the release worries only some fans of the genre. The Japanese appreciated the anime quite highly. It has become one of the top viewers on multiple streaming platforms. The obvious interest of Japanese fans was the main reason that convinced the authors to renew the anime for a second season.


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