When does “Riverdale” season 6 continue? We have to disappoint you: There are no new episodes this week, and it will stay that way for a while because an XXL break is planned.

After ” Riverdale” had been shocked with changes, such as the parallel universe “Riverdale”, or had to explain confusing serial deaths, fans are left with a dull feeling. Will everything go back to normal now, or will it continue to be so confused? An answer to all the questions that are still open in “Riverdale” is only available after an huge break of almost three months. Because “Riverdale” Season 6 will not come back with a new episode until March 6, 2022. As usual, the sixth episode of the popular series will be available on Netflix a day later. 

New Episodes: When does “Riverdale” Season 6 Continue?

From 2022 onwards, the new “Riverdale” episodes will be broadcast in America every Sunday, and we will probably be ready to stream on Netflix on Mondays again.

If season 6 starts on March 6, 2022, we can probably expect the finale on June 6, 2022, if there are no more breaks. Due to public holidays and the like, so maybe “Riverdale” Season 6 will not end until July. It all depends on whether the current season is again designed for 22 episodes. So we have to wait a little longer until March.

Riverdale Season 6 Part 2: No Riverdale This Time

The first part of Riverdale Season 6 included a special event titled ‘Riverdale’ where we saw the return of dead characters, not only from Riverdale but also from the other shows of The CW universe, namely, The Chilling Adventures Sabrina. The five episodes of Riverdale Season 6 had a powerful storyline, mesmerising everyone who is a fan of Riverdale. But will you see similar storylines and Riverdale in the new episodes? The answer is NO.

Riverdale was a special 5 episode event, and as it is now ended, the chances of any reference of Riverdale in the new episode of Riverdale Season 6 is highly unlikely. Moreover, for those wondering if Archie is dead in the latest episodes, then the answer for them is that our beloved Archie Andrews is very much alive in the complete upcoming episodes.

It is being expected that the story of new episodes will start right away from Hiram’s exit.

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