Money Heist Actress Is Pregnant! Baby On Board!


Esther Acebo, who plays Monica in “Money Heist”, has just announced a happy event on her Instagram account. The actress who gave life to the role of Stockholm, aka Monica, is pregnant with her first child. At least that’s what the latest photos posted on his Instagram account suggest.

The Final Chapter Of Money Heist Is Very Popular

As you probably know, the fifth and final part of “Money Heist” has just been released on Netflix. The biggest fans have also spent their weekend devouring it.

Overall, the feedback is quite positive. “The finale of Money Heist is a pure masterpiece. I have more than kiffe. It was amazing. Nothing exaggerated, everything is fair and rhythmic. The series ended as it began , in apotheosis.” Exclaimed a user on Twitter. And he’s not the only one to think so. “Frankly, Money Heist couldn’t have ended better . I am so happy. Thank you for this incredible ending.” Wrote another fan among the millions around the globe. 

No panic, though. “Money Heist” may be finished, but the actors continue to be present for the fans. As proof, Esther Acebo has just shared the very good news with them on her Instagram account.

Money Heist Actress Is Pregnant!

This weekend, Esther Acebo (Monica/Stockholm) posted some photos on her Instagram account. So her fans were able to find out that she was pregnant. Yes, yes, you read very well. On the first shot, we can’t guess. Indeed, the photo was taken so that we only see his bust. But, in the second shot, we see the young woman, in a bikini, by the sea, her belly well rounded.

In the caption, Esther Acebo writes, “Thank you to the Canary Islands for a month of intense growth (in various ways…).” Before adding: “Lately, we’ve been measuring time in weeks.”

You probably know it, but the actress is very discreet. She, therefore, did not give more details, whether it was about the due date or the sex. We don’t even know whom the 38-year-old shares her life with. It is to say. Despite the vagueness around this pregnancy, fans of the series may be very happy to see the family of “Money Heist” grow again. 

Moreover, the fans should not be disappointed. The saga of Money Heist will continue with a spin-off revolving around Berlin. You can get details regarding the spin-off in the TV show section of our particular website.


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