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Lupin Season 3: Everything Known About The New Season?

As we remember, the ten-episode project was divided into two seasons. In January 2021, viewers saw the first five episodes and five more episodes in June of the same year. But it turned out that Netflix decided to renew the show, which even surpassed the Bridgertons in popularity. Having learned about the planned release date of Lupin season 3, the fans were happy with the good news.

Lupin Season 3: When Will It Release?

It was no coincidence that Netflix predicted a great future for the show. The release date of Lupine season 3 is expected to be in early 2022. The announcement of the renewal of the series for a third season was announced by Omar Si himself on his Twitter. On May 11, 2021, the actor informed the fans about the upcoming sequel.

Lupin Season 3: What Is The Plot?

At the center of the plot is the charismatic swindler Assan Diop. He lost his father, who was accused of serious theft as a child. After the parent hanged himself in the prison cell, the boy harbored a grudge against the family, which contributed to the death of his loved one.

Assan found solace in his favorite book about an enterprising criminal. When the guy grew up, he followed the path of his idol, becoming a virtuoso swindler. He did not abandon his idea of ​​revenge on the family, through whose fault he became an orphan.

Recall that the painting is based on the works of the French author Maurice Leblanc. The writer has published about three dozen books about the life of the fraudster Arsene Lupine. Screenwriter Abdel Rauf Dafri was involved in the adaptation and transferred the novel’s plot to the modern world. Today the audience was informed when Lupine season 3 would be released.

After the audience was informed about whether Lupine would return for Season 3, critics began to speculate about the possible number of episodes. Viewers are confident that the show will be split into two seasons, showing half of the third season. For the first time, the idea of ​​a film adaptation of the novel was announced in 2017. However, screenwriter Abel Rauf Daffrey decided to postpone all the events to the present, stating that he is not a fan of either Maurice LeBlanc or his character.

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