Killing Eve Season 4: 2022 Release Date Status Revealed! What Is Known?


Killing Eve has been renewed for a fourth season, long before the debut of the previous episodes. Therefore, the all-female series will make its return, again led by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer.

Let’s start by talking about when is Killing Eve 4 releasing? When will it be possible to see this story in streaming? For the moment, we only know the American release date of the fourth season, which airs on BBC America. The debut is set for February 27, 2022. Filming for the fourth season should have taken place during the summer of 2021. 

Killing Eve Season 4: What Will Happen Next?

The fourth season of this TV series was renewed in record time, even before the pilot of the third aired. The successful TV series will then return with other episodes that tell the protagonists’ stories. However, this season will be the last, although BBC America wants to develop several potential spin-offs. But what is Killing Eve 4 about? What will the plot of this new season focus on?  

For the moment, there are no reviews regarding the plot. However, we can retrace the last moments of the three seasons.

Eve and Villanelle are on London Bridge, to say goodbye forever. The former has now agreed to have feelings for the killer and talks to Villanelle about her idea of ‚Äč‚Äčkilling Dasha together. The two then say goodbye, promising not to turn around, even though both do.

Meanwhile, Carolyn has Konstantin at gunpoint and wants to know how Kenny died. The woman suspects the man and Mo’s death, which gathered evidence of the link between Paul, Carolyn’s boss, at MI6 and the Twelve, confirming her theory. However, Konstantin claims that Kenny’s death was an accident. Paul, killed by Carolyn, and Dasha, killed by Villanelle, Eve, and Konstantin in the season finale. Even Rhian dies, crushed by a train. We will then see the fate of Konstantin, fleeing from the Twelve to Cuba in the fourth season of Killing Eve.

Among the first confirmations, we point out the continuous change between the showrunners of the series: Phoebe Waller-Bridge (season 1), Emerald Fennell (season 2), and Suzanne Heathcote (season 3). For the last season of Killing Eve, the baton passes to Laura Neal from Sex Education.

Killing Eve Season 4: Who’s In The Cast?

The cast is led by the protagonists, namely Sandra Oh, who plays Eve Polastri, and Jodie Comer, who plays Villanelle.

But what are the actors who will return in Killing Eve 4 ? Here are some of the names:

  • Fiona Shaw as Carolyn;
  • Kim Bodnia as Konstantin;
  • Owen McDonnell as Niko.

For now, only these are the characters who will indeed return, although the introduction of some new entries in the cast can not be ruled out.


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