Inside Job was created by Alex Hirsch and Zion Takueti specifically for the streaming service Netflix. A powerful mixture of adult humor and absurd situations fell in love with fans of the genre. It is not surprising that the possibility of season 2 began to be interested immediately after the finale of the first season. It seems that the show’s creators are not going to stop at the achieved success.

Inside Job: When Will Season 2 Release?

A new animated show from the creators of Gravity Falls premiered on Netflix on October 22, 2021. The animated show is designed for adult viewers who appreciate shows like “The Simpsons.” The official release date for season 2 of Inside Job is not known as of now. The premiere of the second season of the animated series will take place in mid-2022. Fans of the genre have to wait for the official announcement.

Inside Job: What Is The Plot?

In the center of the plot is a woman named Regan Ridley, a desperate workaholic and a genuine child prodigy. She works in a large organization and lives with her father, who once also worked for the company’s good. Together with her colleagues, the main character is engaged in studying secret communities.

Reagan’s team has enough unusual employees: a dolphin-human hybrid named Glenn, a mushroom with psychic abilities, disease developer Andre, “newbie” Brett, and director of manipulation Gigi. In Regan’s eyes, these strange guys look like real bums, but she has to close her eyes to many flaws.

The ironic and topical project was appreciated by all fans of the genre, who now want to know when the Inside Job season 2 show will be released. Adult comedies ridicule various theories in society in a highly witty manner. In addition, the authors managed to squeeze a massive number of ridiculous theories and about a million pop culture references into ten episodes of the show.

Inside Job Season 2: Who Are The Characters?

The second season of Inside Job will mark the return of these characters:

  • Regan: Workaholic woman. Works in a company to identify the most absurd ideas.
  • Glenn: Half-dolphin. An employee of the organization.
  • Andre: A virtuoso developer of diseases.
  • Brett: A newcomer to the team.
  • Gigi: Head of the manipulation department.
  • Rand: The father of the main character.
  • Super Mike: A hallucinogenic mushroom with psychic abilities.

Many viewers know Alex Hirsch as the creator of one of the most popular animated series, Gravity Falls. Some critics tried to draw parallels between the two works of the author but were forced to admit that the stories cannot be compared. Meanwhile, the creators delighted the fans by announcing whether the Inside Job season 2 will be shown.

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