In the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Alzheimer’s disease was very present. Did Meredith Gray have the same symptoms as her mother? This is the question that bothers Grey’s Anatomy fans. Does Meredith Gray have the same symptoms as her mother, who had severe Alzheimer’s in the final season?


Meredith Is Facing Though Times

If the series Grey’s Anatomy is so touching, it is mainly because the characters have a strong history. Cristina Yang and Alex Karev are not cold by will. They hide a deep and painful story. Izzie Stevens isn’t that bottomless bimbo who only makes her patients smile. She also hides very powerful altruism and disappointments that have made her a fragile woman.

As for Meredith Gray, the main character of Grey’s Anatomy, also has a considerably touching role! And it’s not just because all of his friends have left the hospital. Not even because she found herself a single mother when her children were still very young. No, Meredith is very touching, thanks to her family history.

Her relationship with her mother and father destabilized her for years. She took a long time to come to terms with her painful childhood. But what has shaken her the most is undoubtedly her mother’s illness.

As a reminder, the latter was suffering from a severe form of Alzheimer’s. While she was the most gifted, she forgot everything overnight. She even forgot her daughter’s face. And because of that, Meredith had a hard time moving forward. She spent a lot of time taking care of her mother to no avail.

Grey’s Anatomy: Disease At Center

But you most certainly know that Alzheimer’s disease is inherited. So the question arises, Meredith Gray already has symptoms of the disease that had affected her mother before?

This is what many fans have noticed in the last season. And for a good reason! The main character dates Nick a lot, especially during Thanksgiving. Only here, Nick is only present alongside Meredith. So does the latter have hallucinations? In any case, this is the theory of Internet users:

“Meredith is going crazy, it looks like only she sees it, too weird, Nick only appears when there is Meredith, I ‘m sure she has Alzheimer’s like her mother. Looks like she’s the only one seeing it.”

This theory could be a red flag regarding the fragile state of health of Alex Karev’s former best friend. Alzheimer’s disease could also mark the definitive end of Grey’s Anatomy. Because if almost all the emblematic characters of the series have left the adventure, everything rests on the shoulders of Meredith.

But even if she loses her mind and does not remember anything, it could compromise her career and, therefore, her personal life! You understood it correctly, and these symptoms could consequently be the sign of the end of Grey’s Anatomy.

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