Why Did Tyre Nichols Stop Memphis Police? Explained Here!

Why did TYRE Nichols stop Memphis police

On Friday night, officials in Memphis released video footage of the violent arrest of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old black man who died three days after being severely beaten during a traffic stop.

The death of the young man has caused the Nichols family a lot of pain and has caused a scandal in the whole city.

Last week, five Memphis police officers who were involved in the stop were fired, and now they are being charged with murder.

Friday at 7 p.m. ET, the city released footage from body cameras that showed what happened. On the video, police pulled Nichols out of his car and shot him with a Taser before he ran away on foot.

What we know about the traffic stop where everything started is as follows:

Why Did Tyre Nichols Stop Memphis Police? 

At first, the Memphis Police Department said that Nichols was pulled over around 8:30 p.m. local time for “reckless driving.”

“As officers approached the driver of the car, a fight broke out, and the suspect ran away on foot,” police said at the time. “Officers chased the suspect and tried to take him into custody again.” While trying to take the suspect into custody, there was another fight. In the end, though, the suspect was caught.

The people in charge of the police later took back what they said.

“I’ll tell you the truth about the stop itself. “What was said was that people saw people driving dangerously,” Cnn’s Cerelyn Davis reported on Friday.” We’ve looked at cameras.” We’ve looked at cameras worn on the body. Even if something happened before this stop, we haven’t been able to find evidence of it.

“We’ve looked pretty hard to figure out what that likely cause was, and we haven’t been able to back it up,” she said. “It doesn’t mean something didn’t happen, but there’s no proof.”

The Nichols family is also not sure if what the police say is true.

“We don’t know anything else besides what we saw in the video,” the Nichols family’s lawyer, Ben Crump, said at a press conference on Friday.

“They say he was driving in a dangerous way.” We’ve got to go see it. “We can’t just take them at their word.”

We do know that after the stop started, police and Nichols got into some kind of fight, and at one point Nichols ran away from police.

Fox 13 got a recording of police officers saying, “We have one black male running,” from a police dispatch. On another tape that CBS News got its hands on, a police officer says, “He’s fighting right now.”

The MPD says that Nichols and the officers got into two different fights during the stop, with the last one happening just a few blocks from Nichols’ home.

After the stop, Nichols was taken to the hospital, and a picture was taken of him with deep cuts and bruises.

In the end, he died on January 10.

An autopsy done outside showed that he had “extensive bleeding.”

Lawyers for the Nichols family say that the police video of the incident shows that officers beat Tyre badly.

Attorney Antonio Romanucci said of the video, “He was a human pinata for those police officers.”

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