Ronald Flowers: Who Is He? The Man Who Survived Jeffrey Dahmer

Who Is ronald flowers
Who Is ronald flowers

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which was made by Ryan Murphy, is now on Netflix. Even though the series showed us how not to raise a child and what happens when you don’t, it also has another side where it talks about the real victims, like Ronald Flowers, who is almost completely forgotten. It tells the story of the cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer and tries to figure out why he killed so many people so violently.

What Happened To The Survivor Jeffrey Dahmer?

In fact, the true docuseries doesn’t try to explain Dahmer’s psychic actions. Instead, it just wants to give information, not make a shocking TV show.

Yes, it’s named after the well-known serial killer, but it’s not just about him and his story. It’s also about the effects, like how society’s bigotry and racism made it hard to stop Dahmer more than once.

Even though the series showed us how not to raise a child and what happens when you don’t, it also has another side where it talks about the real victims, like Ronald Flowers, who doesn’t leave much of a mark on the world. The only difference is that he wasn’t dead because he got away from the infamous killer before he killed him.

Since the show was popular enough to go beyond the murders and focus on Dahmer’s past, we know a lot about the only lucky captive and his unique experience.

Who Is Ron Flowers?

At the time, Ronald Flowers was an adult man. Jeffrey Dahmer captured and held him, but he managed to get away even though he was drunk. Since Dahmer’s main target was gay men, it’s not necessary to say that Ronald Flowers was gay and not much different from the rest of the people he killed.

How Did Ronald Flowers And Jeffrey Dahmer Meet?

When the event took place in the 1990s, Ronald Flowers lived in Lake County, Illinois. When we tell the story, it may sound like a movie plot, but it’s not.

Ronald Flowers went to one Milkauwee on April 2, 1988, to borrow a waterbed from a friend. Instead, he found himself in an empty parking lot with a car that wouldn’t start. By that time, all of his friends had already left the scene, which made it possible for Dahmer to show up as an angel.

Dahmer just put on the mask of a “nice guy” and offered to drive Ronald Flowers to his grandmother’s house in his car. From there, they could get another car, drive it separately, and come back to Flowers’ car to jump-start it.

When they got to the grandmother’s house, Dahmer made Flowers a cup of hot coffee, which he gladly accepted. After a while, Flowers ended up in a hospital bed with wounds and without his wallet and bracelet.

It seems that Flowers figured out what had happened and told the police right away. He then told the police where Dahmer lived, but the police didn’t go any further.

In the Netflix show, Flowers meets Dahmer after about a year, but when asked, Dahmer says he doesn’t know Flowers. Flowers saw Jefry taking another guy to his car, but he stopped the person from getting in the car and called Dahmer crazy. This made the third person leave.

When Flowers first went to talk to the officials, a few incompetent policemen almost stopped him.

What Happened To Ronald Flowers?

Flowers fell asleep after drinking the coffee that Dahmer had made him drink more of. He was hurt and helpless as he lay in the hospital bed. But when Flowers looked down, he saw that his underwear was turned inside out. This showed that Dahmer, who was gay, had used him sexually while he was at Dahmer’s house.

Flowers said that what he remembered most about Dahmer was the way he looked right at him as if he were waiting for something to happen. He also remembered Dahmer’s last steps, which Flowers tried to follow as he tried to move forward on his hands and knees.

Soon after that, Ronald Flowers told the police that the only reason Dahmer didn’t kill him was that his grandmother knew he was there. If she hadn’t been there, it would have taken even longer for the world to find Dahmer and punish him for killing so many people.

Flowers’ suspicions were confirmed by the fact that he was suspicious of him whether or not he was drunk. When Flowers found blonde hair in his underwear, there was no doubt that he had been sexually abused.

But Dahmer told the police that his relationship with Ronald Flowers was consensual, and he denied the claims of sexual abuse. The police also didn’t find any clues in his house, so they couldn’t figure out what was said about Dahmer.

What Did The Police Have To Do With It?

Police didn’t care about the lawsuit at first, but when he insisted, they questioned Dahmer. Dahmer said that they had only had a few drinks at his house and didn’t do drugs. Dahmer even swore that Flowers made him agree to go home because she insisted on it.

But neither Dahmer nor Flowers was able to convince the police. Since no evidence was found, they couldn’t find a way out.

Where’s Ronald Flowers now?

In the documentary Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster, Ronald Flowers talked about his time with the serial killer and called it “sheer terror.”

Flowers was a counselor at Lake County when he was called to court to give his testimony. At the time, he was an expert at spotting signs of mental illness and developmental disabilities in people, but Dahmer was a mastermind, and Flowers had no idea what was going on.

Flowers, on the other hand, didn’t want to be in the spotlight because he was more interested in living a normal, simple life.

Flowers didn’t feel comfortable talking about the notorious killer outside of court because he had traumatized a lot of people, including himself. Since he wasn’t ready, we don’t know where he is or what he’s doing, but we think Flowers is living in his thoughts.

Netflix Show Tells The Story Of Ronald Flowers.

Ryan Murphy has added everything else that the documentary needed to feel finished. So, it covers everything important about how Ronald Flowers and Jeffrey Dahmer knew each other.

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