Deuxmoi: Who Is He? Revealing The Identity Behind An Anonymous Gossip Account

A reporter has found out who is behind the popular Gen Z gossip site Deuxmoi.

People have known for a long time that Deuxmoi, which has 1.5 million followers on Instagram, was likely run by two people. After all, Deuxmoi is French for “two me.” Before the quarantine, the account was a blog about celebrity fashion, but no one knew who was in charge of it.

Deuxmoi has done several interviews without revealing who they are. Most recently, they were on Showtime’s Ziwe, where they refused to say what race they were and said they had no “black friends.”

Journalist Brian Feldman said in his Sub stack that two socialites, Meggie Kempner and Melissa Lovallo, are likely in charge of Deuxmoi based on public information.

Feldman wrote that “Deuxmoi has chosen to tie their individual identities to their work, which is becoming more and more public.”

“I’m all for people telling their own stories, but that doesn’t mean I don’t also think that, at this point, the identity of the person telling that story is newsworthy in and of itself.” Deuxmoi is a well-known figure.”

Feldman put together the puzzle by putting together clues from online activity, social media, and public records. Based on the tone of the posts, most people weren’t surprised to find out that two socialites were behind the account.

Nan Kempner, a famous New York City socialite in the fashion world, is Kempner’s grandmother. Kempner and Lovallo, who used to be models, started Deuxmoi. But according to rumours, Lovallo is the only one running it now.

According to Popcrave, Hailey Bieber, who had said before that she knew who Deumoix was, confirmed that Kempner and Lovallo were who she thought they were.

“So you’re saying Nan Kempner’s granddaughter is behind Deuxmoi?” Nan Kempner, are you in the Hall of Fame of the Best-Dressed List? Her clothes were a shambles .Met Exhibit, and her demon seed is on Instagram playing Gossip Girl. Crazy. Lmao,” On Twitter, @evilrashida said

“I really thought Deuxmoi was a 16-year-old girl, not a woman in her 30s,” @amandaskiwi gave a tweet a caption.

“The fact that deuxmoi turned out to be two white women doesn’t surprise me at all.” I could tell by the way they always praised average white men and put down women. “Two Old Losers Trying To Live Out Their Mean Girl Dreams,” @beammeupmila wrote in a tweet.

“Oh My God, Why Did I Just Find Out Who Deuxmoi Is? I was right about how she looked. Of course it’s run by rich, white, irrelevant socialites,” @antlovo wrote on Twitter.

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