Who Are Shanquella Robinson’s ‘friends’? The FBI Will Investigate This Case.

Arrests and criminal charges are being sought for alleged roles in the death of the 25-year-old.

Shanquella Robinson’s Tragic and Devastating Story Is Filled With So Many Questions, But They Can All Be Answered With One Word—Justice.

According to our sisters at Hello Beautiful, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has now become involved in the suspicious death of Shanquella Robinson, who died while on vacation in Mexico with friends.

It just seemed like it was a plot": Shanquella Robinson's father slams her friends in heartbreaking video

Shanquella’s parents, Salamondra and Bernard Robinson, reportedly told the FBI about her death after Mexican authorities said there was no sign of foul play.

Shanquella’s autopsy report later revealed that she died from a broken neck and severe spinal cord injuries, leaving everyone puzzled about what happened to her.

Among the many unanswered questions surrounding the recent death of a young black woman in Mexico are who she travelled with and why those so-called friends allowed her to be beaten while at least one other person stood by filming the fight.

According to reports, Shanquella Robinson died less than 24 hours after she and up to six friends arrived in Cabo late last month. While the 25-year-old’s death was tragic, it was the manner in which she died that drew the most attention on social media.

A video purportedly shows Robinson being beaten brutally by another woman in an apparent hotel room with a tropical view visible from a balcony. The woman identified as Robinson in the video is not seen defending herself in the one-sided fight.

The brief video shows Robinson being punched in the head and face multiple times and thrown to the ground before more blows are rained down on her.

At least two people appeared to be filming the violence: the person who recorded the video posted on social media and another person whose phone could also be seen recording the footage.

During the fight, a man’s voice could be heard pleading with the woman identified as Robinson to “at least fight back.”

Robinson had a broken neck and a “cracked” spine, according to an autopsy. Authorities in Mexico also determined that Robinson had no alcohol in her system.

Accounts from Robinson’s friends, however, contradicted the autopsy report.

Robinson’s mother stated that one of her daughter’s friends called and said she was not feeling well and died from alcohol poisoning.

“Everyone who was with her was telling different stories,” Salamondra Robinson told Queen City News.

The friends returned to their homes in North Carolina without Robinson, whose body was discovered nearly two weeks later by her family after she died on Oct. 29.


Meanwhile, officials from the US State Department in Mexico have reportedly and strangely said that a police investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing, even though an autopsy showed that Robinson was killed in a brutal way.

While Robinson’s friends have not been officially identified, social media sleuths have posted the names and photos of people who are said to have been in Mexico with her at the time of her death.

Social media posts have called for the friends to be arrested and charged for their alleged roles in Robinson’s death, but it’s unclear whether that can happen now that they’re no longer in Mexico.


A social media video purports to show a man who claims to have travelled to Cabo separately one day after Robinson and the others arrived. The unidentified man claimed in the video that he was told Robinson was suffering from alcohol poisoning and that he had no idea there was a fight going on.

Robinson went to Winston-Salem State University, a historically black college, where at least one of her Mexican friends is also said to have gone.

According to an online death notice, Robinson’s funeral will be held on Saturday in Charlotte.