What’s Wrong With Brett Maher, The Dallas Cowboys’ Kicker?

what is wrong with dallas kicker

Bad games happen to everyone; it’s a given.

But Brett Maher, a kicker for the Dallas Cowboys, has had the worst game of anyone. The 33-year-old athlete had the worst choke in NFL history during the team’s wild-card game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So what is wrong with Brett Maher’s? Keep reading to find out everything known about his poor performance. Plus, stay tuned to find out if the Cowboys plan to keep him for their playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round.

Do You Know Brett Maher?

Brett Maher He was born on November 21, 1989, and kicks field goals for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). In 2013, the New York Jets signed him as an undrafted free agent. He played football at the college level at Nebraska.

He has also played for the Dallas Cowboys, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Ottawa Redblacks, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Cleveland Browns, Washington Commanders, Houston Texans, and Arizona Cardinals.

What’s Wrong With Brett Maher, The Dallas Cowboys’ Kicker?

Even though the Cowboys beat the Bucs 31-14, it was almost a perfect game, and kicker Brett Maher had one of the worst games in history. He completely lost it and became the first player in NFL history since 1932 to miss four extra points in a game. Okay, that’s one record you don’t want to hold.

With each miss, it was clear that the cowboys were getting more and more angry. By the time he missed his third kick, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott slammed his helmet in frustration and yelled, “Go for F—king Two!”

This meant that he would have preferred the team try a two-point conversion instead of putting their faith in the obviously struggling kicker.

Brett Maher’s terrible performance was hard to understand for both the players and the fans.

Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning walked away from the broadcast for a moment in disgust after his third missed kick and yelled, “Why are we kicking it?!” Then he asked if “cutting a guy at halftime of a playoff game” was possible.

After missing the fourth time, Peyton just shook his head and was about to throw a football across the room.

Brett’s less-than-stellar performance led to hundreds of memes, and this one is, without a doubt, our favorite. However, despite his obvious struggles on the field, the Cowboys rallied around the kicker and gave him a lot of support after the game.

Mike Mccarthy, The Head Coach Of The Cowboys, Supported Brett Maher

After the win, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy talked to the media and confirmed that the team plans to stick with Brett for their divisional round playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers.

“We need Brett.” He is aware of that. This week, we need to get back to it and get him ready to go, “He Said, Per Espn.” “We’re kicking at an outdoor stadium in Santa Clara, as you can see. But, you know, he’s disappointed, right? We need him. He needs to pay attention. “He’s really helped us out all year.”

Brett’s teammates, like Dak Prescott, are also behind him (TFS: When He Threw His Helmet On The Sidelines After The Third Missed Kick). He told the news people, “I like Money Maher the most.” I talked to him separately after the game and told him, “Hey, let that go; we’re going to need it.” “I just played like crap a week ago, so that happens.”

Dak added, “Knowing what that guy has done and how resilient he has been throughout his career, I have no doubt that he’ll come back next week and be perfect and help us win.”

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