Travis Barker Gets Tattoo Tribute Of Late French Bulldog Blue

Travis Barker’s late dog, “Blue,” is the subject of his most recent tattoo, which honours his memory and tells the story of his life. The Drummer and His Daughter Were Heartbroken After Losing Their Pet

Blink-182’s drummer shared a photo on Instagram of his new tattoo, which he described as “featuring Blue’s face.”

Travis got a tattoo of the blue face on his thigh.

The Blink-182 drummer shared a new tattoo that depicts his furry friend in the most meaningful way possible as part of his tribute to his furry friend. He took pictures and videos of the process of making the portrait and shared them with his followers. The result was a picture of Blue.

“Thank You, @drwoo, for This Tattoo Honoring My Boy Blue,” he captioned the moving image he shared on his social media.

Travis Barker gets a tattoo to memorialize his late dog, Blue the bulldog

Travis and Alabama announced the sad news earlier this week. kjhkjg

Travis shared the heartbreaking news about his daughter Alabama on his Instagram account earlier this week. “I’m going to miss you, Blue.” “You were the best dog,” he said in a Facebook post. “I Was Always Expecting You to Say Something.” “I’ll love you forever, boy.”

Travis Barker and his daughter Alabama have been devastated as they come to terms with the death of Blue, their beloved French bulldog. Last night, Blue was laid to rest. Blue has played an extremely important role in Alabama’s life since she was a child.

Travis Barker was spotted leaving a veterinary facility with his daughter Alabama. According to witnesses who saw the two walking out together on Wednesday, they appeared depressed and clutched each other tightly. Alabama, who was 16 years old at the time, sobbed into a bag of dog toys as she wiped away her tears.

The father and daughter took a stroll together, wearing matching sweatshirts, shorts, and sweatpants, and matching sunglasses. They Have Reached A Shallow Point In Their Lives After Losing Their Beloved Companion. There’s a good chance Blue, who appears to be in his senior year, has been snubbed by them. This is according to their Instagram stories, which were posted several hours after they were separated from him.

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