Tracy Edwards Was Arrested 20 Years After Surviving From Jeffrey Dahmer

For decades, true-crime enthusiasts have been captivated by Jeffrey Dahmer’s horrible deeds, and now the chilling tale is being recreated in the form of the newest Netflix thriller.

Dahmer killed 17 men and boys during a 13-year killing spree, and he might have killed more if Tracy Edwards hadn’t managed to flee the killer’s apartment in 1991, an incident that is seen in the first few seconds of episode 1.

Tracy Edwards played a crucial role in Jeffrey Dahmer’s capture and conviction, but, what has become of him since his narrow escape?


On the evening of July 22, 1991, Dahmer offered $100 to three men he had met at a Milwaukee pub to return to his apartment.

32-year-old Tracy Edwards, one of the men, accepted the invitation and went to join Dahmer at his flat.

According to the Chicago Tribune, when Dahmer tried to tie him and brandished a knife, Edwards got suspicious of him.


Edwards kicked Dahmer in the head and left the flat while he was distracted.

Two Milwaukee police officers responded to Edwards’ call and went with him back to Dahmer’s apartment. They uncovered Polaroids of Dahmer’s dismembered victims and then a tonne of body parts, including two whole skeletons and two intact heads.

After being apprehended, Dahmer admitted to his homicidal deeds and pled guilty to 16 counts of murder. He was given 16 life terms, totaling more than 900 years in prison, for those crimes.


Tracy Edwards would later testify in court in 1992 against Dahmer and contribute to the legal proceedings that led to the conviction of the serial killer.

Edwards was, however, detained on July 26, 2011, 20 years after his narrow escape from Dahmer, on suspicion of aiding another man in throwing someone off a Milwaukee bridge.

News from ABC At the time, 52-year-old Edwards had been living on the streets and hopping between shelters since 2002.

For his part in the death of the man who was thrown off the bridge in 2012, Edwards entered a guilty plea and was found guilty. Tracy received a sentence of 1.5 years in prison and an additional two years of extended monitoring.


The Whitbread race, did Tracy Edwards win it?

She led the first all-female crew in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race in 1989, making history by becoming the first woman to win the Yachtsman of the Year Trophy and receiving an MBE. She has written two books about her experiences.

Tracy Edwards, who was she?

Tracy Edwards achieved international acclaim as the captain of the first all-female crew to complete the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race in 1989. The boat finished second overall in her class and won two legs. Since 1977, this has been a British boat’s most extraordinary performance.

What transpired following the Whitbread race with Tracy Edwards?

Edwards had to sell Maiden after the Whitbread race, and in 2014, the boat.

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