Arrest Warrant Has Been Issued For Daejhanae Jackson In The Death Of 25 Year Old, Shanquella Robinson

Mexican police have just issued an arrest warrant for Daejhanae Jackson, a woman who was seen on video beating Shanquella Robinson while she was naked. Mexican Prisons Are Horrible

Shanquella Robinson, who was 25 years old, died on October 30, 2022, while she was on vacation with friends celebrating a birthday in Cabo, Mexico. Now, on November 23, 2022, Mexican police issued an arrest warrant for the woman who was seen beating Shanquella while she was naked.


Daejhanae Jackson has been named as the suspect.

The Mexican government thinks that Shanquella’s death was caused by the beatings she got. Shanquella’s death certificate says that she died from a severe injury to her spinal cord and a dislocation of her atlas.

But her friends on the trip say Shanquella died because she drank too much. Shanquella’s death was not caused by drinking too much, according to the autopsy.

Shanquella is from the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The group of friends were having a good time and drinking. At one point, a video shows a female friend of Shanquella punching a naked Shanquella and throwing her to the ground while other friends watched and videotaped the fight.

The woman who is beating Shanquella up keeps punching her in the face and kicking her.

The woman who is attacking Shanquella then yells at her to get up. Then, the attacker says,

“I’m tired of your shit!!”

Shanquella was naked in the video, but it’s not clear why. Alcoholic drinks were being drunk, though. After a few hours, Shanquella’s body was found in the hotel villa. Shanquella’s friends called her parents and said she died from alcohol poisoning, but an autopsy report said she died from a broken neck and a cracked spinal cord.

Then, Shanquella’s friends took planes back to the U.S.

A prosecutor for the Mexican state of Baja California Sur says that the arrest warrant was issued by the court because:

“A direct aggression occurred. The direct aggressor is being sought by international authorities on charges of femicide.”