The Son Of Anne Heche Appeals For Control Of Her Estate

anne heches son on petition
anne heches son on petition

A legal battle is raging within the Heche family for control of Anne Heche’s estate.

Heche’s eldest son, Homer Laffoon, 20, whom she shared with her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon, filed a petition in Los Angeles Court in September to gain control of his mother’s estate after learning she died without a legal will.

The actress was seriously injured in a fiery car accident after her vehicle jumped the curb while driving and crashed into a Los Angeles home. Heche was declared brain dead on August 11, but was kept alive for three more days so that her organs could be donated.

Laffoon’s petition stated that he was the eldest heir to his mother’s estate. Atlas, Heche’s younger brother with ex-partner James Tupper, is 13 years old. Tupper filed an objection two weeks after Laffoon’s petition, declaring Heche’s firstborn “unsuitable for appointment” over the estate. According to court documents, Heche and Tupper ended their relationship in 2018.

Late Actress Anne Heche’s Son On Petition In Charge Estate After Her Death Without A Will

Anne Heche, one of the most spectacular and well-known film stars of the late 1990s, died on August 11, 2022. On May 25, 1969, popular American actress Anne Celeste Heche was born. At the time of her death, her net worth was estimated to be $4 million.

Anne died in a car accident, which shocked the rest of the world. She had swooped into the lives of people all over the world in her late 90s, with her bewitching beauty and talents. But her current predicament stems from her move to heaven.

Anne’s untimely death has turned into something heinous. Unfortunately, she died without a will. As a result, her wealth and assets are no longer under the control of a lord. Her older son, Homer Laffoon, has asked the court to delegate control of his beloved mother’s vast wealth and assets to him.

Homer, a twenty-year-old boy, has petitioned for the right to access his mother’s wealth, particularly a large estate. The estate clearly has two intestate heirs. Homer Laffoon is the obvious heir, and his younger brother Atlas Heche Tupper is the other. And the petition states that because Homer is an adult, he has the right to manage his mother’s wealth, and because his baby brother is a minor, the case is dismissed.

Anne had been on a ventilator for a long time, and doctors confirmed her death after removing her life support. “My brother Atlas and I both lost our mothers. I’m left with a deep, wordless sadness after six days of almost unbelievable emotional swings. Hopefully, my mother is no longer in pain and is beginning to explore what I imagine to be her eternal freedom.” On August 14, Homer sadly told CNN.

From 2001 to 2009, Anne was married to Coleman Laffoon, a television camera operator, and they had a son named Homer Laffoon. Later, from 2007 to 2018, she was in a relationship with James Tupper, an actor, and they both had a son named Atlas Tupper.

Anne was born in Aurora, Ohio on May 25. Nancy Heche and Donald Joe Heche were her parents. Because of her family’s financial insecurity, her childhood was spent relocating. In an interview, Anne described her father’s income as “he was a choir director.” But I doubt he made much money on that in a week.

He stated that he was involved in the gas and oil business and that he had never been involved in the gas and oil business before.” Anne was thirteen years old when her father died of AIDS. Anne had previously stated that her father was a promiscuous man who had numerous gay relationships. Anne has stated unequivocally that her father raped her from the time she was an infant to the age of twelve.

When Anne’s brother died, it was initially reported as a car accident, but she emphasized that it was a suicide. The financial crisis in her family was having a significant impact on Anne and her siblings’ well-being.

Anne Heche, who had always wanted to be an actress, landed a role on the soap opera Another World, which was her first television role.

Her feature film debut in Disney’s ‘The Adventures of Huck Finn’ gave her a huge space in the entertainment industry, as she shared the screen with Elijah Wood.

Wild Side, an erotic thriller by Donald Cammell, starred Anne as the lead actress. The film received critical acclaim for depicting a strong lesbian sex scene. Anne’s other well-known works include ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ and ‘Walking and Talking.’

Anne first tasted success when she starred as the wife of an FBI undercover agent in the drama ‘Donnie Brasco.’ Her performance in that film was phenomenal, and she received numerous accolades for it. A critic, Janet Maslin, stated that “Heche does well in what could have been a thankless role.”

Her major lead role as an actress in a major big-budget film was ‘Six Days, Seven Nights’ in 1998.

Her other breakthrough came thanks to Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho.’ This film was heavily influenced by the Oedipus complex, with a son preserving his mother’s corpse.

She has received numerous awards and nominations for her extraordinary abilities.

  • Anne was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 1989.
  • She received the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Female Newcomer Daytime in 1989.
  • She won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 1991.
  • She won the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for Best Actress in 1999.
  • She won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1999.

Anne Heche Death Cause

On August 5, 2022, Heche was involved in a series of three motor vehicle collisions in Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighborhood, the final of which resulted in critical injuries to Heche and the destruction of a house. The first collision occurred when her vehicle collided with an apartment garage, causing minor damage. According to TMZ, her vehicle, a Mini Clubman, was at the scene of the accident, and an unidentified man repeatedly yelled “Out of the car!” at the driver. The vehicle then reversed and drove away from the accident scene.

TMZ also released a photo of the driver, who was identified as Anne Heche. TMZ also reported a second hit-and-run in which Heche’s vehicle collided with a Jaguar but did not stop, resulting in no injuries to the other driver. A video accompanying the article shows the Mini Clubman speeding down an alleyway and nearly colliding with a pedestrian. A doorbell video taken moments before the final crash shows Heche’s vehicle speeding down a neighborhood street, followed by the sound of a crash a few seconds later.

Her vehicle collided with a house, broke through a wall, and embedded itself 30 feet into the structure, trapping Heche inside. The vehicle caught fire, and the fire quickly spread throughout the building. The resulting house fire required 59 firefighters and took 65 minutes to fully extinguish. Firefighters were unable to access and fully extricate Heche from the vehicle for 45 minutes after arriving on the scene, and were initially unaware that a person was trapped inside the vehicle. By the time Heche was rescued, she had suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation injuries.

The house’s structural integrity was compromised, rendering it uninhabitable. The tenant living in the house was in the back of the structure at the time of the collision and received minor injuries, but her attorney stated that she and her pets “almost lost their lives” and that she lost all of her personal property in the fire.

Heche was “deemed to be under the influence and acting erratically” at the time of the crashes, according to police.

A preliminary blood analysis confirmed the presence of cocaine and narcotics, including fentanyl, in Heche’s system, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, though a second and more comprehensive drug test is required to determine whether the narcotics detected were given by the hospital or ingested earlier. The second test could take 30 to 90 days to complete.

About Anne Heche

Heche was born in Aurora, Ohio, on May 25, 1969, as the youngest of five children to Donald “Don” Joe Heche and Nancy Heche (née Prickett). The Heche family lived in various towns in the Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, suburbs during Anne’s childhood. Her parents were fundamentalist Christians, and she grew up in a deeply religious environment, which she later compared to being “raised in a cult.” At the same time, Don Heche led an unstable lifestyle, frequently changing professions and prone to get-rich-quick schemes, despite having a genuine talent for music, which led to jobs as a choir director in several churches. In her memoir, Heche stated that her family switched denominations several times depending on which church her father found work in.

The Heche family moved several times during her childhood due to Don Heche’s frequently unstable lifestyle and financial situation.

Don Heche’s financial schemes caused the family to relocate to the Atlantic City, New Jersey area in 1977, first to Ventnor City and then to Ocean City.

One of Anne’s first jobs was at a boardwalk hamburger stand, where she drew customers by singing Annie songs.

The family’s precarious financial situation resulted in the foreclosure of a home owned by her father and, later, eviction from a rental home. The Heches moved in with a family from their church who offered them a place to live out of kindness. Anne’s mother divorced her father and demanded that he leave the family. Her mother and all of the children were forced to work in order to support the family and live independently. Anne landed her first professional acting job at a dinner theatre in Swainton, earning $100 per week (approximately $300 per week in 2022 dollars).

Don Heche relocated to New York City, where Anne and her sisters would pay him visits on occasion, noticing his deteriorating health. He blamed it on cancer, despite the fact that he had late-stage AIDS. Although he lived in New York as a gay man, he kept his sexuality and the nature of his illness hidden from his family. He died of AIDS complications on March 3, 1983, at the age of 45.

His family had no idea he was dying of AIDS and had never heard of the disease until they came across an AIDS article in the New York Times about a month before his death. In a 1998 interview, she stated that her father’s homosexuality was eventually revealed “It ruined his happiness and our family, but it taught me to tell the truth. Nothing else is valuable.”
Anne’s 18-year-old brother Nathan was killed in a car accident three months after her father died when his car missed a curve and hit a tree.

The rest of her immediate family later relocated to Chicago to be closer to other family members.

Anne, her mother, and her older sister Abigail, who had graduated from college, were all living in a one-bedroom apartment with no privacy, which Heche compared to living in a dorm room.
Heche went on to attend the progressive Francis W. Parker School, where she continued to perform in plays such as Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth and Irwin Shaw’s Bury the Dead.

A talent scout spotted her in a school play when she was 16 and invited her to audition for the daytime soap opera As the World Turns. Heche traveled to New York City with her mother, auditioned, and was cast. She was unable to accept the offer because it would have required her to relocate to New York City in the middle of the school year, uprooting her family and forcing her mother to leave a newly established job at a brokerage firm. Heche writes in her memoir that she wished she could move out on her own and “escape [her] mother’s grasp,” but she couldn’t because she was still a minor.

At the end of her senior year in 1987, she was given another audition, this time for the soap opera Another World. Despite her mother’s objections, she was offered a role after two auditions and accepted. She moved to New York City shortly after graduating from high school and began working on the soap opera. “I did my time with my mom in a one-bedroom, skanky apartment and I was done,” she said later.

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