WhatsApp’s new feature will let you transfer your chats from Android to iOS in a click

WhatsApp's new feature will let you transfer your chats from Android to iOS in a click

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp may be working on a feature that allows users to move their chat history from Android to iOS (by Android Central).

WABetaInfo’s discovery of the feature in beta version for Android looks to be confirmed in the current iOS beta version 22.2.74. You can move your WhatsApp conversations from Android to iOS by utilising the programme called Move to iOS.

In addition, WABetaInfo provided a few examples of what the functionality would look like. If the photographs are to be believed, WhatsApp will first ask for your permission before beginning the transfer and will then tell you to leave the app open and your phone unlocked while it does its job of transferring your conversations.

Users can now transfer their conversation history from their iOS smartphones to Samsung phones, as well as from their iOS devices to Google Pixels and other Android 12 devices. Although it would be convenient for consumers to move conversations from Android to iOS, it is not yet clear which devices would support the anticipated functionality or when (or even if) it will begin rolling out.

Why is this a big deal?

Moving WhatsApp chat history from Android to iOS has always been a task. People usually have to pay for softwares like DrFone which becomes really expensive and sort of a bummer.

In order to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone, you’ll find a lot of websites selling “assist” applications which are often times a scam.

WhatsApp chats can’t be transferred from one platform to another since both platforms use distinct cloud services to store the chats and data that they back up. iCloud backs up WhatsApp chats on iPhones, while Google Drive does the same on Android devices.

WhatsApp can’t access your data if you’re using it on a new iPhone, for example, because both cloud services are unique to their own operating systems and cannot be locally accessed on opposite platforms.

Facebook, the company that controls WhatsApp, has a slew of tools at its disposal to make life easier for WhatsApp users. Instead than relying on iCloud and Google Drive, WhatsApp could provide its own secure cloud storage. Third-party cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive could also be available to consumers.

Alternatively, Facebook may allow users to generate a universally applicable backup file that can be restored on any phone, as long as the file is encrypted and password-protected.

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