The Pixel 6a Will Receive an Urgent Update to Ensure That It is Moddable

The Pixel 6a update

A few days after the Pixel 6A’s release, Google is reportedly releasing an update to fix a problem that prevents customers from unlocking the bootloader and executing customizations. The modification is part of the initial update for the Pixel 6A, which Google just started rolling out last week.

A bootloader is a piece of software that, when activated, loads the operating system (OS) on a device. The technique of “rooting” an Android device can give you complete control over your operating system. You can also use it to install ROMs, which are modified versions of Android. Google operates differently than certain phone manufacturers and carriers, who forbid you from unlocking your device’s bootloader. It enables you to get started with Pixels that aren’t bound to a particular carrier (confusingly, these devices are sometimes referred to as “unlocked” devices).

Android Police discovered a number of reports from dissatisfied Pixel 6A owners last week, and they later verified the problem on their own Pixel 6A review device. The most recent Pixel 6A update contains a repair, according to a Google official, even though it isn’t mentioned in the patch notes.

According to Google, the rollout of the update will continue over the course of the following week “depending on carrier networks.” So you shouldn’t have to wait too long if you’ve been eager to hack your brand-new Pixel 6A.

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