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Samsung has introduced the so-called “One UI Value Up Challenge” programme for a limited number of beta testers as customers wait for the One UI 5.0 beta programme to begin. One UI 5.0 beta, which should be made available to the general public soon, will serve as the program’s introduction.

The One UI Value Up Challenge programme won’t give users a time advantage over the regular One UI beta programme once it goes live, Samsung confirmed. There will be simultaneous operations of both beta branches, and it is unclear how they will differ.

The Value Up Challenge programme will make its debut with the upcoming edition of One UI

One UI 5.0 beta will be the first version of One UI to be made available through it. It’s important to remember that the programme will only be available to a small group of individuals who have high ratings on the Samsung Members and Community platforms.

What kind of advantages will these chosen people receive if they don’t have an advantage over regular One UI beta testers? Until Samsung offers additional details, we cannot say. The One UI 5.0 Value Up Challenge programme members’ comments might, however, be given more weight by the corporation than that of regular beta testers.

These chosen individuals might have a greater influence on the final One UI experience, and Samsung might honour participants based on how well they performed throughout the testing stage.

Although Samsung hasn’t specified a launch date for the One UI 5.0 public beta stages, community forums for the next beta firmware are currently live and ready for users to join and share their experiences.

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Samsung’s One UI 5.0 beta launch may have been delayed as a result of Google’s modifications to Android 13.

Since releasing the first of two Android 13 Developer Previews in February, Google has been testing Android 13. The Android 13 beta programme started in April, and this month, the Pixel 3a series and later devices will start receiving the OS’s final release. However, Samsung’s One UI 5.0 beta programme may have been postponed due to an unexpected release of the Android 13 beta.

Samsung updates its One UI user interface with the most recent Android release, making the upcoming upgrade one that includes Android 13 and One UI 5.0. With the latter, Samsung’s designers positioned the majority of the crucial components close to the display’s bottom so that users with small hands could access them on a large-screen device. The One UI 5.0 beta programme was scheduled to launch in the third week of July, according to SamMobile.

As August officially begins today, the beta is nowhere to be found. According to reports, the South Korean manufacturer had hoped to introduce One UI 5.0 (and Android 13) by the end of October, but the current holdup may force the company to introduce the new software in November or later.

On its Community website, Samsung launched the One UI 5.0 beta forum last week. Beta testers will give Samsung feedback on the One UI 5.0 beta versions using this and the Members app.

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What then is delaying the beta program’s launch? According to one idea, Samsung is holding off while Google finishes adjusting the Android 13 beta. To address a few problems, the unplanned Android 13 beta 4.1 updates were recently made available. Before the upcoming Unpacked event, which will feature the presentation of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy Watch 5 series, Samsung would probably want to introduce the One UI 5.0 beta programme.