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Pixel Watch: Galaxy Watch 4’s competitor is now Google!

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic have been the only smartwatches on the market to be driven by Wear OS, but this monopoly won’t continue forever. Google is creating its first Wear OS 3 wristwatch, tentatively titled the Google Pixel Watch, and according to a recent report, Samsung could be facing competition from Google from May 26 onward.

Wear OS 3 is the product of a cooperative effort by Google and Samsung. The latter business let go of Tizen OS in favour of the new Wear OS version, and Samsung has had control over the software since.

It’s worth recalling that Wear OS 3 for the Galaxy Watch 4 series still includes a proprietary UI — One UI — covering the default version. With that in mind, until Google unveils the Pixel Watch, possibly on May 26 around Google I/O, it won’t look and feel like the Galaxy Watch 4. The software experience will be distinct, despite the fact that it is fundamentally the same.

According to rumours, the Pixel Watch will sport a round dial without a physical bezel on the outside. Early images indicate an extremely stylish wearable device sporting a customised wrist strap in multiple colour combinations.

Prices have not been announced, and this will have a significant impact on how well the wristwatch is welcomed by the general public, especially because Samsung already provides the best Android smartwatches starting at $249.

Keep in mind that Google’s launch timetables are changing and sometimes difficult to predict with exact accuracy, meaning that the May 26 date isn’t fixed in stone.

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