Peloton Rower Release Date Status 2022: When Will It Go On Sale? Read Everything You Need To Know

peloton rower release date
peloton rower release date

After years of speculation, at-home fitness behemoth Peloton has finally confirmed the rumors: the rower is on its way.

The long-awaited rower was unveiled in a video of Peloton instructor Adrian Williams demonstrating the latest at-home device at the brand’s 2022 Homecoming virtual event. While the teaser didn’t reveal much, we were able to glean some details from this brief glimpse at the all-new rowing machine.

The Release Date Of The Peloton Rower

When the rower will be available for purchase is unknown. It usually takes several months after a product is introduced before it can be delivered to your home. The Peloton Guide was unveiled on November 9, 2021, but it wasn’t available for purchase until April 5, 2022.

If Peloton sticks to its previous schedule, the rower should be available for purchase in the fall. Peloton, who we contacted via email, has yet to confirm the price, subscription, and release date.

Peloton Teases Rower At Homecoming

The peloton began their Homecoming by confirming that “rowing is coming” in an Instagram post. A video of Peloton’s instructor, Adrian Williams, using the rower quickly followed. The rower appears to be primarily black, with red accents and the Peloton logo. It has a sleek and minimal design that matches the rest of its equipment.

The rower is outfitted with a large attached touchscreen and a single monorail. By the looks of it, we believe it is a quiet magnetic rower. The handle is connected to the flywheel via a belt drive system. This will also make the rower quieter to use. A red line runs down the center of the belt and across the foot straps. The foot straps could be velcro, but the short video Peloton posted makes it impossible to tell. However, the handle appears to have a cut-out in the center for single-arm rowing. We can tell from this video that it does not fold up and that the screen pivots from side to side. But we’ll have to wait and see once it’s “soon” released.

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Peloton Rower In New Facility Plans

Another hint discovered by users is the outline drawing of Peloton’s newest facility, The Peloton Output Park Factory, which will be built in Ohio. Peloton announced its plans in May 2021. Users can see a clear section planned out for a testing room for a new rowing machine in the outlines for this new factory. However, it was recently announced that Peloton had discontinued production of this factory in order to restructure their spending plan.

That being said, we have the impression that Peloton has been working on a rowing machine for months, if not years. Peloton Digital, as well as their bikes and treadmill, have been extremely popular in recent years. We expect the rower to make similar headlines, but we’re interested to see how it compares to the best rowing machines on the market.

Price Of Peloton Rower

Since recently making headlines for its declining stock, job cuts, and halt in bike and treadmill production, the company appears to be expanding rather than slowing.

Peloton’s official statement on Rower is as follows: “We’re Growing: According to rumors, rowing will soon have Peloton’s best-in-class workout experience. Peloton is excited to expand its connected fitness portfolio with even more options for interesting and challenging workout experiences by incorporating both cardio and strength training. This full-body workout will be available soon on Peloton.”

Peloton Rowing Machine In The Peloton App

The majority of the speculation stems from researchers who decoded new data in the Peloton app. Some code hints refer to a rower, and there are even code names for the rumored rower. There have also been news reports that provide updates.

Mazu, the name of a Chinese sea goddess, was seen as a possible name or working codename in the code, which would be appropriate for a rower. Ceasar is another possible code name. That name has nothing to do with water, but it conjures up powerful visions of former Roman Empire rulers. Project Caesar is the codename. The rower, like their other equipment, will have a large touch screen with outdoor and indoor rowing classes led by instructors. The classes appear to be similar to their current classes, but with rowing content.

Bradford Stevens, the former Head Coach for the Men’s Crew Team at the University of South Florida and the owner and director of Viking Row LLC, has recently revealed that he has been working for Peloton since June of 2021. With his extensive rowing background, it stands to reason that he has been advising Peloton as they develop their rower.

Stevens’ LinkedIn profile specifically mentions that he has been assisting with “initial training and on-camera training for existing and new talent.” We can expect to see new trainers, as well as some of Peloton’s already well-known trainers, lead guided rowing classes.

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