Leaf Blowers For Labor Day | Deals & Sales 2022

Leaf Blower labour day
Leaf Blower labour day

Ahead of the Labor Day weekend, camping and hiking equipment, back-to-school staples, and fall must-haves, such as this Amazon bestseller, are on sale.

Leaf Blowers For Labor Day Deals 2022

The best-reviewed electric yard blower on Amazon, which also works as a leaf vacuum and mulcher, is on sale for Labor Day weekend. The popular three-in-one tool from Sun Joe has 21,000 five-star ratings and thousands of great reviews from owners who call it a “game changer” for fall, an “excellent yard tool,” and a “smart purchase.”

The small, 8-pound tool can be used all year long, but it comes in especially handy when leaves start to pile up on your lawn, walkways, patio, and porch in the fall. As a blower, it quickly moves trash out of the way or into a pile. It’s easy to pick up and get rid of leaves with the leaf vacuum. And when it works as a mulcher, it shoots soil and shredded leaves right where you want them to go.

The three-in-one tool comes in 13-amp and 14-amp versions that, with the flip of a switch, can be used as a vacuum or mulcher. The 13 amp has a slower maximum air speed and a smaller bag, while the 14 amp has a faster maximum air speed and a bigger bag. Both have six different speeds.

Instead of having to store or carry around three bulky pieces of equipment, owners love this one tool that is easy to store and carry. It gets high marks for being easy to move around, being simple to use, feeling light, having strong suction, and being a good value overall.

The great find has been praised by thousands of users from all walks of life. One person who has worked in their yard for 42 years gave it five stars and said, “It’s the best I’ve ever used.” They tested all of the popular brands, like Toro, Black and Decker, and others, and said that this one was easier to use and worked better.

Another shopper liked how fast it was and said it helps them keep up with their yard and do daily chores quickly. And many people, including those who have back pain, said they liked that it was light and easy to handle. One person said it was “a beast” that would help with the pain of raking leaves.

In the same list of products, the same brand also sells a leaf blower for $20. It’s not a leaf vacuum or a mulcher, but it will help you clean up leaves and do other yard work.

Amazon already has more than 10,000 deals available for the Labor Day weekend, including a sale on Sun Joe’s three-in-one leaf vacuum, blower, and mulcher. Prices will go back up after the deal ends. If you buy it now, you’ll save money and be ready for when the leaves start to fall.

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