iPad 10th Generation Release Date Status, Price, Specification & Design, Rumors, And More Details

ipad 10th generation release date
ipad 10th generation release date

The most affordable iPad from Apple has received some respectable enhancements recently, but attention is already shifting to the following model. What new features will Apple be introducing in the 10.2-inch iPad’s 10th generation?

This page collects the most recent information on the eagerly anticipated new 10.2-inch iPad for 2022, including information on the device’s release date, new features, changes to its appearance, technical specifications, and price.

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iPad 10th Generation Release Date

All indications point to later this year as the potential launch date for the iPad 2022. Based on the dates of prior editions’ releases, this rumor is probably true. For instance, the release dates of the iPad 10.2 2019 and 10.2 2020 were September 12 and September 15, respectively. The one for 2021 was released on September 14; typically on Tuesdays.

  • iPad 10.2-inch (9th gen): September 2021
  • iPad 10.2-inch (8th gen): September 2020
  • iPad 10.2-inch (7th gen): September 2019

It is therefore clear that Apple has a pattern they stick to when announcing the arrival of their new iPads. The most likely date for the introduction of the 2022 iPad is September 13, 2022, which is also a Tuesday, based on this and the leaks we’ve seen.

However, announcements do not always imply availability right away. After this anticipated announcement date, it can be a few days or even a few weeks before the new iPad is actually offered for sale. As a result, market store availability might not start until late September or early October.

iPad 2022 Pricing

Between this new iPad and its predecessor, we do not anticipate a huge price change. This is so because the iPad in question is one of Apple’s entry-level tablets, and affordability is a key design consideration. Therefore, any large price increase may result in low sales of the new iPad.

However, even though there haven’t been any confirmed leaks about the iPad 2022’s pricing, we can make projections based on how much the current iPad costs. The cheapest iPad 10.2 2021, with 64GB of memory, costs $329, which is also not far from the starting price of its predecessor, the iPad 10.2 2020, which was $329.

Therefore, $30 or less is the biggest increase over past pricing that we should anticipate. The cost of the Apple iPad 10th generation is probably not considerably higher than that of earlier models.

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Specifications and Design

Display Supply Chain Consultants is primarily responsible for the leaks concerning Apple’s upcoming iPad design (DSCC). They talk about Apple’s current projects, particularly its work on net-generation tablets. They have demonstrated throughout the time that they are adept at deciphering Apple’s thoughts. And with regard to the next slate, DSCC makes a suggestion that Apple might redesign the look of this budget tablet this year.

According to many insider sources, Apple may deliver an OLED-display tablet in 2024. This rumor doesn’t indicate that the screen will be larger than the 10.2 of its predecessor, but it does raise the chance that Apple will make the new version full screen by reducing the bezel. Even though the screen size may increase, we don’t believe it will be at the 10.9-inch iPad Air until the price increases enough. There is no information available regarding the screen, but it is almost certain that Apple won’t abandon the LCD in its upcoming release.

Let’s examine the information we have regarding this future iPad in more detail.

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Improved Chipset and Connectivity

The A13 Bionic chipset, which powers the iPhone 11, is used by iPad 10.2 2021. The A14 Bionic chipset, which powers the iPhone 12, is what we anticipate the next-generation iPad to employ if there is any improvement. Who knows, though? It might even have A15, although Apple is not known for such revolutionary changes.

Later this year, we may anticipate the fifth-generation iPad to have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and 5G. Numerous sources with access to insider knowledge also make reference to a Wi-Fi 6 connection, which would be a substantial advancement above the current standard.

The idea of a 5G connection with the latest update must be taken with caution, though. Even the far more advanced iPad Air has only recently received the 5G upgrade. Therefore, Apple might prefer to wait a little longer to maintain seniority.

Isn’t there a camera?

Oh yes! Most people don’t use their iPads like small cameras. Apple doesn’t put as much emphasis on the cameras on the iPad as it does on the cameras on the iPhone. Aside from that, the front camera on the current iPad has been improved a lot, so there may not be much to look forward to in the new one. This isn’t written in stone, so we could be wrong.

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What We Want From iPad in 2022

Whether or not some of the rumors we’ve heard are true, we definitely have some ideas for the next iPad. Here are some of them:

  • Less space around the screen, a more modern look, and no home screen button.
  • Added at least 128 GB of storage space.
  • If the device had the very important Face ID features, it would be safer and easier to use.
  • More support for the latest iPad accessories, especially the Apple Pencil 2 and keyboards.
  • The current iPad only has one speaker for sound, but the new iPad will have two.
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