How to Thaw a Tankless Water Heater?

How to Thaw a Tankless Water Heater?

We guess all modern hosts have all kinds of household appliances. They make our life cozier, safer, more effective, and productive and save tons of precious time. Water heaters are surely on the list of such great appliances. They help to heat water instantly and so you save a lot of precious time. There is no more need to wait for a few minutes until it is heated. By finding a Noritz contractor, you can safely install it in your house.

There are two major types of heaters. The ones with a tank and without it. We would like to concentrate on the tankless type. We want to answer one crucial question that can be formulated like this – How to thaw a tankless hot water heater?

You should know that heaters can be used under certain conditions, some of them cannot be used in the regions where the climate is too cold. Otherwise, they may freeze and start working. Moreover, they may be spoiled for good. This is one of the reasons why people ask about how to thaw tankless water heater.

Even if your appliance is located inside the house, you cannot be 100% sure it will never get frozen. Mind that most warranties do not cover the possible freezing. If it happens, the expenses for the recovery of your device will be all yours. That is why you need to pay close attention to it.

How to thaw frozen tankless water heater? It will not take long to answer this crucial question. Make allowances for the next steps:

  • Check if your heater is frozen. Perhaps only the pipes are frozen.
  • Check the inside of the heater. If they are somehow damaged, thawing will take a lot of time and will be messy.
  • Power off gas and water shutoff valves.
  • Remove the appliance from its place carefully to move it to a warm area.
  • It is vital to switch on a space heater near it.
  • Open the drain valve. It will start the process of melting.
  • Examine the unit and pipes to be sure there are no leaks.
  • In case your device and pipes are not damaged, and the ice is melted, reinstall the unit.
  • Open the gas and water valves.
  • Get the power to the system back.
  • Now you know how to thaw a frozen tankless water heater.

We guess we have answered how to unfreeze tankless hot water heater. It didn’t take a lot of time, did it? All the steps you need to undertake are fast and easy to follow. Everything is quite simple.

Prevention Measures Against Freezing

Although we have explained how to thaw out a tankless water heater, it is not enough. We can bet you do not want to waste a lot of time unfreezing your device several times during the wintertime. We are sure that you want to prevent regular freezing. It can be done by following the next prevention measures:

  • Turn off the cold-water supply, gas supply, and temperature control.
  • Power the unit off.
  • Open a hot water tap and relieve pressure.
  • Put a bucket under the water heater as the water will melt.

Another brilliant solution to preventing the process of freezing and avoiding the issue of “how to thaw out tankless water heater”, is to install solenoid valves. In case the power outage takes place, they drain the water. They are always open if there is no electric current. They remain closed in case the electric current is present.

These valves act as an additional safety layer. You should also know that certain units have a double-protective system against freezing. If you live in a cold area and intend to install a heater, be sure to ask the seller – How to unfreeze a tankless hot water heater? He or she will surely recommend a certain model that protects the device from freezing. Of course, it will be more expensive. Nonetheless, you will not be worried about this issue.

Winterize It

At times, people ask “how to defrost a tankless water heater” because they went somewhere and forgot to take care of their devices. Here are a few smart tips that help to winterize your heater when you’re away from home:

  • Switch off the gas and water supply.
  • Open the freeze protection solenoid valve.
  • Open at least one hot water faucet.
  • Remove the cold-water line inlet filter.
  • Power off the circuit breaker to be sure there will be no energy outages.
  • Be sure to cover the vent intake and exhaust.
  • Be sure to wrap electric heat tape around pipes.

By following these simple prevention measures, you will secure your device from freezing. Accordingly, you will never ask how to unthaw a tankless water heater because it will not get frozen, even if it’s very cold.


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