How To Join A Private Subreddit? 2 Simplest Way Explained!

How To Join A Private Subreddit
How To Join A Private Subreddit

In public or secret subreddits, users can talk about issues. By reading this guide, you can quickly join a private group. Reddit, often called the “front page of the internet,” is one of the 20 most-visited websites, with 430 million people using it monthly. Most subreddits are dark because of the Reddit API protest. Vx-underground Tweeted about Thousands of subreddits that have been Switched to private from subreddit moderators.

You can see their post below:

Because Reddit raised the price of its API, popular third-party apps like “Apollo” and “Rif is Fun for Reddit” had to stop working. Subreddits, or Reddit groups, will be dark from June 12 to 14 to protest API changes that would break a lot of third-party apps. Read on to find out how to join a secret subreddit!

How To Quickly Join A Private Subreddit Very Easily?

Reddit is a popular online community where people can post and discuss various topics in separate groups called “subreddits.” Some subreddits are private, so only users who can see them can get in. Other subreddits are public, so anyone can join and look around.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Go to
  • Sign in with your credentials. (If you don’t already have an account, click Sign up to make your first one.)
  • After logging in, click the white envelope near your username in the upper right corner.
  • This will take you to your inbox, where you may click “Send Private Message.”
  • You must now send a message to the moderators of the secret subreddit. Enter “/r/name of the private subreddit” in the “to” or “receiver” box to do this. Go to the private subreddit’s website and look at the URL to find out what it’s called. The name will appear at the end of the URL.
  • Fill out the Subject box.
  • Type your message, explain why you’ve joined the secret subreddit, and click “Send.”
How To Join A Private Subreddit

Fortunately, There Is Another Option; Here Are The Steps:

  • Visit Reddit
  • Enter the name of the private subreddit into the search box
  • Select the Message Mods option
  • Enter your message and press the Send button

Joining a private subreddit may be a rewarding experience if you are interested in a certain topic or group that is not available in public subreddits. However, you should be aware of and adhere to the duties and standards of being a member of a private subreddit.

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