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Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 Pro

Some important PlayStation exclusives, such as God of War Ragnarok and The Horizon Forbidden West, were cross-generational releases rather than PS5 exclusives, which had been a source of consternation for me. Because of this, I was concerned that games like this might be hampered by the fact that they have to run on outdated technology. However, this has been alleviated.

That’s because the PS4 Pro version of Horizon Forbidden West, which is due out on February 18, looks stunning. Sony has released a gameplay video and pictures to show off the game’s impressive visuals on a last-generation console.

This isn’t entirely shocking, given how gorgeous the original Horizon Zero Dawn looked with all of its intricate details and special effects. Even on the PS4 Pro, it performed admirably, thanks to a technique known as “checkerboard rendering,” which took a lower quality output and skillfully mixed it up to 4K.

This is where Horizon Forbidden West really shines: in terms of graphics. In spite of all of this, the PS4 Pro’s smooth and crisp appearance is awe-inspiring to watch.

According to our opinion, there are certain limitations. Considering how much more powerful the PS4 Pro is, it’s unclear how well Horizon Forbidden West will operate on the standard PS4. Furthermore, Sony may have chosen moments here that aren’t entirely typical of the complete PS4 experience. Though Sony’s first-party developers often produce games that perform well on the company’s hardware.

Ultimately, playing Horizon Forbidden West on a PS5 is the greatest way to enjoy it. Although it’s difficult to find PS5 replacements, Sony is still making the PS4.

It’s comforting to know that even if you can’t afford a PS5, you can still play current-gen games that are a visual delight.

Devanny Pinn
Devanny Pinn
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