Google made one of its best search shortcuts even more useful

Google made one of its best update

If you’re trying to find the precise spot where a word appears on a page, Google searches with quotations have recently become a lot more helpful. The internet behemoth has improved quote-based searches by introducing page snippets that pinpoint exactly where the words you’re looking for can be found. It might not be necessary to scroll through a lengthy paper in order to discover the appropriate phrase.

There are constraints. When you search using quotations, you could get results that are hidden (like meta description tags) or only appear in title links and page addresses. If the mentions are too far away from one another, you might not see them all in the sample. Bolded mentions will “usually” only appear on desktop, and they won’t appear at all for results from specialized searches (such as image searches and video boxes). To go to the pertinent keywords, you might need to use the on-page search function of your browser.

The corporation described the modification as a reaction to criticism. In the past, it was hesitant to create snippets for these queries since the descriptions produced by the documents weren’t always understandable. This is a recognition that people who search using quotations occasionally are “power users” who are more interested in locating specific words than reading site descriptions.

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