Elon Musk claims that Apple and SpaceX talked about iPhone 14 satellite features

Elon Musk claims that Apple and SpaceX talked about iPhone 14 satellite features

Elon Musk, who is seldom far from the headlines, tweeted that SpaceX and Apple discussed satellite connectivity.

Musk claimed that Apple and SpaceX “[had] had some positive chats” regarding Starlink connectivity the day after Apple unveiled the emergency SOS via satellite feature for the iPhone 14.

The first smartphone with satellite connectivity wasn’t announced by Apple. T-Mobile and SpaceX established a partnership last month to offer text messaging services through satellite in places with spotty or nonexistent reception. Yet that won’t be accessible until the next year. Huawei introduced its Mate 50 series, which also has texting with satellite capabilities, the day before Apple announced its satellite. But the United States does not sell Huawei’s products.

Therefore, the iPhone 14 would be the first commercially available smartphone with a satellite in the United States when the service launches in November. In order to provide the satellite infrastructure for this feature, Apple publicly announced its collaboration with satellite communications firm Globalstar.

From Musk’s tweet, it’s unclear whether these “promising negotiations” are still going on or where they might end up. However, the argument seems to be far from ending, regardless of the result.

The service will enable customer-to-customer contact.

The first company to announce a smartphone with satellite communication wasn’t Apple, though. When cellular service is unavailable, phone users may be able to send texts using SpaceX satellites according to a partnership that the company recently established with T-Mobile. According to Bloomberg, the partnership is “depending” on SpaceX launching an improved Model 2 of its Starlink satellites.

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What is the purpose of SpaceX’s satellites?

40 countries can access the internet via satellite thanks to SpaceX’s Starlink fleet of satellites. After 2023, it also wants to provide satellite-based personal communications services with global coverage. Starlink satellite launches by SpaceX began in 2019.

Is the iPhone a satellite?

The iPhone 13 will reportedly employ a Qualcomm chip that could connect to satellites in low-Earth orbit, according to rumors from MacRumors. August 30 saw a 63% increase in the shares. But now that the new iPhone is here, even if it seems to be a beautiful phone, it doesn’t seem to be satellite capable, or at least Apple made no mention of it.

How many satellites are there in orbit at this time?

How many satellites are circling the planet in orbit? As of September 1, 2021, there are 4,550 satellites orbiting the Earth.

Has the iPhone 14 satellite?

When you’re away from cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, iPhone 14 models allow you to text emergency services using Emergency SOS via satellite.

Elon Musk has how many satellites, exactly?

46 Starlink satellites have been successfully launched into low-Earth orbit by billionaire Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX. Globally accessible high-speed, low-latency broadband Internet is offered through Starlink.

Is there a satellite phone on the next iPhone?

Apple unveiled a new satellite connectivity capability for the iPhone 14. At the announcement of the iPhone 14, Apple revealed a future satellite connectivity feature called Emergency SOS through Satellite.

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