The Dall-e Image Generator Is Now Available To Everyone

DALL-E image generator is now open to everyone
DALL-E image generator is now open to everyone

If you’ve been dying to try OpenAI’s image synthesis tool but haven’t been able to because you didn’t have an invitation, now is your chance. OpenAI said today that its DALL-E AI image generator service no longer has a waiting list. So, anyone can sign up for it and use it.

DALL-E is a deep learning image synthesis model that has been trained on hundreds of millions of images from the Internet. It learns to link words and pictures by using a method called “latent diffusion.” So, people who use DALL-E can type in a text description, called a “prompt,” and see it as a 10241024-pixel image in almost any style of art.

Aside from converting images to text, DALL-E also has a feature called “Outpainting,” which lets you upload an image and use image synthesis to extend its edges. You can also combine multiple photos into one by making a bridge between them and blending their styles.

In January 2021, OpenAI announced an earlier version of DALL-E that could do some surprising things but was clearly limited. In April of this year, it showed off DALLE-2, which impressed a small group of 200 researchers with its ability to make images that were almost as good as real life and to copy the styles of artists.

OpenAI says that more than 1.5 million people around the world are now using DALL-E (formerly called DALL-E 2) to make more than 2 million images every day. This is because the program gradually let more people use it and started charging for it in July.

DALL-E is a paid service, and it has a lot of important restrictions. New users get 50 credits for free, and you can buy 115 credits at a time for $15. To sign up, you need to give a phone number and some other information.

OpenAI owns the images made by DALL-E, but users have the exclusive right to “reproduce and display” their own creations as long as they follow the company’s content policy. If you break the rules about content, you will lose the right to use generated images legally.

We’ve written a lot about Stable Diffusion, which is an open-source image model similar to DALL-E and a competitor that was made by Stability AI. Since a month ago, Stable Diffusion has been available through open source channels and its own commercial website with few restrictions. Now that DALL-E is open to everyone, there will probably be more competition between image synthesis models.

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