Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to be released this year, and we’re already anticipating a significant upgrade to the smartwatch. The Apple Watch Series 7 was not a complete failure. Because of the larger screen, it was the most user-friendly Apple Watch screen to date. Aside from that, the Watch 7 felt like an incremental improvement over the Apple Watch 6. Will the next generation be more of a step forward? We have all of the Apple Watch Series 8 rumors right here, from design to special features.

Apple Watch Series 8: Design

One rumor that circulated prior to the release of the Apple Watch Series 7 was that it would be inspired by the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro and feature a flat-edged design. That didn’t happen, but rumors that a move is in the works persist. They’ve simply evolved into Apple Watch Series 8 rumors, with the claim being that Apple was forced to postpone its ostensibly planned redesign due to production issues (or that this design change was always intended for the Apple Watch 8, not the 7). It’s important to note, however, that these are just rumors. Others have speculated that the Apple Watch Series 8 will keep the round edges of previous models.

Perhaps a more radical suggestion is that an entirely new Apple Watch model will be introduced in 2022. Along with the Series 8 and an updated Apple Watch SE, the Cupertino company is said to be planning a special ‘rugged’ Apple Watch editing designed with extreme sports fans in mind. According to Bloomberg, this extra-tough Apple Watch will have “a rugged design with impact shock resistance and protective exterior, similar to a Casio G-Shock watch.” We’d be curious to see how that looks in practice, and how it differs from the standard Apple Watch design.

Aside from that, Apple usually releases at least one new color for the Apple Watch each year, and there’s no reason to believe the Series 8 will be any different. According to one leaker, next year’s color will be light green, similar to the iPad Air 4’s.

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Apple Watch Series 8: Price and release date

Again, there is no confirmed information yet, but based on previous patterns – perhaps we can even call it a tradition – we can predict that the Apple Watch Series 8 will be released in the fourth quarter of 2022. Apple usually announces new Watch iterations in September, alongside iPhone updates, and there’s no reason to expect anything different this year. If the pricing is similar to the 7, and basically any other recent Apple Watch, we can assume that it will start around $399 / £369. It appears unlikely that Apple will deviate from this pattern, though the rumored new model will most likely have a different price point.

Apple Watch 8 rumored features

According to Mark Gurman in a January edition of Power Up, the Apple Watch 8 may not include new health-tracking sensors when compared to the Apple Watch 7. Gurman followed up on this report in April, claiming that blood pressure monitors are currently planned for the 2024 Apple Watch, while blood glucose monitors are even further down Apple’s smartwatch roadmap.

More recently, Gurman stated that skin temperature reading could appear on the Apple Watch 8, but not in the way we expected. Initially, skin temperature could be used to predict fertility. Perhaps future versions will include traditional wrist-based body temperature readings.

Since the Apple Watch was released in the fall prioritized design with larger Apple Watch 7 sizes, we believe the 2022 model will see internal improvements. Only time will tell.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price Rumors

Apple has yet to release any concrete information about the Series 8, but one thing we may not have to guess about is its price. Because the yearly release cycle does not change, we anticipate that the base model for Apple Watch Series 8 will cost the same as Series 4 through 7: $399. (US).

If the lower-cost Apple Watch SE 2 is released alongside the Series 8, it will most likely cost $279, just like the first edition.

Apple Watch Series 8 Specs and Hardware

We’re hoping for a slightly larger watch to reduce the need to pull out our phones to perform various tasks. The 41mm and 47mm Apple Watch 7 sizes are an upgrade from the 40mm and 44mm Series 6 sizes, so this could expand again.

Analyst Ross Young suggests that there could be a third size.

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