Apple blocked the latest Telegram update over a new animated emoji set

Large and small developers have been stuck with Apple’s approval process with their apps being delayed or removed entirely ever since the firm established the App Store. The most recent is the well-known messaging service Telegram, according to the company’s CEO Pavel Durov. On August 10, Durov announced on his Telegram channel that Apple had accepted the most recent update to the app. examine Why there was a two-week delay in the procedure with no official communication from the company.

according to the ledge, Yesterday, when the update was eventually made available, Durov returned to Telegram to talk about what transpired. According to the CEO, Telegram’s new Telemoji feature, which Durov referred to as a “high-quality vector-animated variant of conventional emoji,” would have to be removed by Apple. In his article, he provided a sneak peek of how they’ll appear; they’re fairly similar to Apple’s standard emoji set, but with some wonderful animations that undoubtedly help the message become a little more expressive.

Durov noted in his essay that Telemoji “will provide a whole new dimension to their stable low-resolution emoji and considerably expand their environment.” Although it’s unclear how this feature would improve Apple’s ecosystem as a whole, it still comes as a surprise to Apple, especially given that Telegram already offers a wide variety of emoji and sticker alternatives. which in iOS goes far beyond the standard set. Durov said that the most recent Telegram version includes more than 10 new emoji packs and said the business will take its time to make Telemoji “even more distinctive and recognized.”

The most recent Telegram update nonetheless includes numerous emoji-related changes. According to the business, it is introducing an “open emoji platform” where anyone can publish their own collection of emojis, which users of Telegram’s premium service can access. Even if you don’t have the premium version of the app, you can still browse personalized emojis and use them in “saved messages” like notes and reminders. You can tap on custom emoji to generate an animated answer that fills the entire screen.

The Stickers, GIFs, and Emoji panels have been revamped with tabs for each of those reaction categories to make it easier to access everything. The Android app and online version of Telegram both support the iOS keyboard. Additionally, new privacy options give you the option of limiting who is able to send you voice and video messages: Contacts, Everyone, or None. According to Telegram, you may configure “exceptions” so that particular groups or people can send you audio or video communications “always” or “never,” just like with its other privacy settings. The new update is currently accessible; it does not include Telemoji.

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